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Gays Paraded Naked in Egypt; Taylor Lautner Diffuses Gay Rumors; 15 HIV Myths

Gays Paraded Naked in Egypt

One of the things that’s always been popular with certain members of the straight community is catching gays in action and shaming them in public. I’ve seen it happen here in the US a number of times, and it’s one more reason to take the shame away from being gay. This, however, goes far beyond that.

This particular article talks about gay men who were arrested in an Egyptian bathhouse and paraded naked in public. They arrested about 30 for “perversion.”

Paraded naked as they were loaded on to trucks, the men shielded their faces from the glare of the media and other onlookers.

Along the police were Central Security Forces, an army forces formed of new recruits.

General Ali al-Demerdash, head of the Cairo security directorate, said the men were arrested in ‘a common public bathhouse in the Azbakeya neighborhood of Cairo for practising debauchery’.

Keep in mind they weren’t cruising in public place. They were in a gay bathhouse.

The rest is here. I would imagine most of the men are in the closet. According to this article it’s only getting worse in Egypt.

Interesting irony: Egypt is a favorite destination place for pretentious US gay men to travel.

Taylor Lautner Diffuses Gay Rumors

Evidently, an openly gay model, Murray Swanby, posed for a photo with Taylor Lautner and now Lautner is allegedly trying to stop gay rumors. Swanby posted a photo joking about Lautner being great husband material and all the speculation and rumor started to run rampant. Of course, once again, because it’s okay to burn buildings down in the streets and stop traffic during rush hour, but it’s still a shame to be gay in the US.

After several websites ran items with such headlines as ‘Did Taylor Lautner Just Come Out On Instagram?’ 

Swanby went online to quell the growing speculation. ‘If Taylor Lautner was coming out, I would have taken him home Thursday night,’ he wrote on Facebook and Twitter.

This all happened at a place called The Abbey in WeHo. It’s considered a gay “hotspot” but not exclusively gay. Jay Leno’s been there, Liz Taylor used to go, and they’ve even seen Hillary Clinton…and her best friend Gayle.

You can read the rest here. If you don’t think this is a matter of gay shaming look at it this way. If Elton John went to a strictly straight venue and someone took his photo and suggested he was straight would he have to diffuse any rumors that would ruin his career?

15 HIV Myths

You would think that after all these years of information floating around about HIV/AIDS everyone would know the basic facts. Evidently, that’s not the case.

Here are two examples from the 15. I would bet money most people reading this didn’t know.

Myth: Having gay bareback sex with someone who you know is HIV positive is the most dangerous thing you can do. 

Busted: You should obviously use protection with a positive partner. 

But if someone knows they are HIV positive, they will often be taking treatment. And the drugs means their infectiousness drops by 96% making them far less likely to pass the virus on. 

You are far, far more at risk if you have unsafe sex with someone who doesn’t know their HIV status and so is not on treatment. 

They may think they are negative. But if they have just got the virus, perhaps after their last negative test a few weeks ago, they are at their most infectious.

The rest of this piece is very interesting and I highly suggested reading it in full…whether you are gay or straight. Here’s the link. I actually do know them all (when you write gay fiction you make a point of knowing it), but I’m sure many didn’t know this:

Myth: As long as I only top I’ll be ok. 

Busted: ‘Bottoms’ are seven-times more likely to get HIV than ‘tops’ in gay sex. But any unprotected anal sex carries a risk of HIV transmission and being a top is not ‘safe’.

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