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Gay Sportswriter On Homophobia In NFL; Gay Happily-Ever-After Real Life; Michael Phelps With a Beard

Gay Sportswriter On Homophobia In NFL

Here’s a story about a gay sportswriter who claims the NFL (and most professional sports) is still drenched in a culture that is demonizing gay men. We all know this, but what’s interesting is that someone is finally speaking up about it. I have gone to the proverbial mat myself on occasion defending Michael Sam with people on Facebook who don’t think Sam is treated any differently because he’s gay. My point is always that unless you are gay you don’t have the slightest clue what it’s like so don’t “splain” to me.

In any event, I think it’s time someone brought this up.

In a column titled “NFL still in closet about anti-gay culture,” author Chris Hine discusses his own experience as a gay man working adjacent to the still-homophobic league, as well as recent instances that suggest football is failing to make strides towards acceptance despite an official stance to the contrary.

This one you really should read. Now that gay marriage isn’t a hot topic anymore, these are the topics that are going to take center stage in the future.

Gay Happily-Ever-After

I know a lot of people are starting to get tired of these stories, at least from what I see on Facebook. But I think they’re newsworthy because gay couples are finally getting their own recognition…and I think Facebook is a confused mess as each day passes. One day I’m seeing evangelical updates on my Timeline, the next I’m seeing pornsters, neither of which I really care about. You never know what’s going to show up over there anymore.

In any event, this is the gay happily-ever-after that Downton Abbey completely ignored in their fantastical, unrealistic series finale where only the straight people were allowed to live HEA.

Talk about the role of a lifetime! When stage actor Mo Brady auditioned with Telsey & Company casting director Justin Huff for an ensemble role in the pre-Broadway tryout of Catch Me If You Can, he walked out with the part and the man he’d eventually marry and have a child with.

The cute couple shared their story with Playbill and it’s just as barf-inducingly adorable as you think it is.

You can read the rest here.  The comments, though vicious, are amusing.

Michael Phelps With a Beard

This is not going to change the world, but if you thought Michael Phelps…and his huge hands…was hot before, wait until you see him with a beard.

In the moody spot, we see Phelps in various stages of training, from swimming with a parachute dragging him back to the often-overlooked, entirely necessary sleep component. (In case you were wondering, he dreams about swimming in a never-ending pool. Makes sense.)

As far as commercials go, it’s quite beautiful.

Here’s the rest of that.

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