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Silver Publishing Leiland Dale; Streisand/Kramer Feud: The Normal Heart; Gay Hanky Code

Silver Publishing Leiland Dale

There’s a very disturbing blog post written by M/M author, A.J. Llewellyn, about start up digital press, Silver Publishing. I know they publish a great deal of M/M Romance, and I think they’ve branched out into other genres as well. But the gist of the post I’m linking to now alleges so many things I think it’s important for all newer authors to read.

I have updated and amended this blog to keep current. As of this moment, 4/11/14 the information is as accurate as I can make it. Silver Publishing LLC is still in existence as a website. It boasts one lone author, Leiland Dale, the company owner.

It is my hope that readers will be refunded money they paid for pre-ordered books. It is only fair. But then nothing is fair with this man. He stiffed hard-working staff, stole from friends and really ripped off his authors.

I’ve spent some time compiling this report. As of now it looks like Lodewyk Deysel, AKA Leiland Dale has set up another website to lure in fresh talent. Writer Beware!

I’ve never had any personally dealings with this publisher, but I know many authors who have.

You can read more here. It’s a long post, with a few links…one to Absolute Write that’s worth checking out. But it’s something I think is worth reading in full. This one actually reads like a mystery/suspense novel. The links at the post to which I just linked lead to a new LGBTI press called Gia Press allegedly owned by the same owner of Silver Press, however, when I tried to check out all the links the only one that worked was a twitter account.

One more reason to vet all small presses these days, and the people who run them.

Streisand/Kramer Feud: The Normal Heart

I actually read Larry Kramer’s strong comments against Barbra Streisand a few weeks ago and didn’t pay much attention to them because it sounded as if Kramer was trying to get attention. And one of the best ways to get attention these days is to create a kerfuffle. I could be wrong about that. I have a tendency to trust very little nowadays. However, Streisand recently spoke up in her own defense and explained why The Normal Heart was never made. I’ve posted about The Normal Heart here already. The Normal Heart is a play about AIDS in the early days. Streisand owned the rights to it for a while. They eventually reverted back to Kramer and now it’s going to be an HBO film directed by Ryan Murphy, starring Matt Bomer. Larry Kramer comes from a time when not many gay men had a voice, and the only ones who did were those who were the most radical and the most obnoxious. The rest of us were invisible and it’s taken a longer time for us to be heard than it has for The Normal Heart to be produced. Trust me on this, if I really did open up, which I will in the future sometime, I can match anything Kramer has to say about AIDS.

But I think Streisand makes several good points.

In the press, Larry kept speaking out against me. But I think it’s unfair to keep blaming me for the movie not getting made. I worked on it for 25 years, without pay. Larry had the rights for the last 15 years and he couldn’t get it made, either. Those are the facts.
In 2007, he sent me a note before giving the project to another director, asking me again if I wanted to direct it — but only with his screenplay. As a filmmaker, I couldn’t have my hands tied like that. What if I needed changes? Sadly, I turned his offer down and wished him well.
I will always believe in Larry’s play and its powerful theme about everyone’s right to love. It’s been 28 years since I tried to get this piece made … so much has happened since. But I’m glad it’s finally here.

Streisand has an openly gay son who is HIV poz. I can tell you from personal experience that when you have a loved one with HIV and you’re dealing with any project AIDS related, you take that very seriously.

In any event, I’m looking forward to watching it.

The New Hanky Code

For those who don’t know, in the 1970’s there was this code for gay men where they would shove a colored hanky into their pockets…I think; it’s way before my time…and other gay men would know what they were sexually interested in according to the color of the hanky. No details here, of course. But a yellow hanky had a very specific meaning and it’s not hard to guess what that was. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want anyone doing THAT to me. Now there’s a new code out:

Brace yourselves, because the code is back. But with a twist. As Justin Sayre, speaking on behalf of the board of The International Order of Sodomites, points out, instead of your preferred brand of ‘kink,’ “this time [the hanky code will be] used to talk about your damage.” Some examples? Grey means boring, yellow marks a commitment-phobe, cobalt blue signifies emotionally withholding, whereas pink will now stand for ingrained homophobia (“These are the guys that refer to you on Grindr as ‘man’ or ‘dude’ when you would prefer, ‘Her ladyship’”). Teal denotes a problem with collectibles meanwhile olive means you hate the Golden Girls (they tried to pick the ugliest color). As helpful as this new code may be, the important thing is to stay humble and self-aware:

There’s more here.

For anyone interested, and I know many of you are, Wiki gives a more detailed explanation, in detail, of the old hanky code here.