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13 Gay Halloween Costumes; Drag Halloween History; Zac Ephron Nude That Awkward Moment

13 Gay Halloween Costumes

This is actually an article with photos that’s geared toward gay couples who are thinking of dressing up for Halloween this year. And like the article says, it really is more fun if you have someone to dress up with. And even more fun, like a anything typical of the Internet these days the comment thread is highly amusing. You’d think this was a perfectly harmless article…until you read what some people had to say.

This is my personal favorite:

Firemen (and we mean legit uniforms): The only thing you need to pick up here is the helmet. The rest you can fake with a blue T, red suspenders and black or yellow pants. Of course, if things get hot, you can always lose the shirt…

I have to admit that Tony and I have never been big on Halloween, at least not for dressing up. First, we live on a rural road three miles outside of town and we’re a long distance from the road, so we never get anyone knocking on the door on Halloween night. Second, we’ve always been working too much…literally the entire twenty-one years we’ve been together…to find the time to get costumes ready.

But I’m starting to think it’s time to change that, especially since I’ve been told Halloween is the Gay Holy Day. I don’t know who delcared it that. But that’s what I’ve been told. Pardon me if a yawn.

If you choose to do so, you can buy costumes here.

Drag Halloween History

I found this article fascinating because I live in a northern suburb of Philadelphia and never knew about it. Evidently, drag parades were a huge event in Philly at one time and then they stopped, without reason, in the 80’s. The article is written from a first hand POV by someone who used to write for Philadelphia Gay News, PGN. His web site is titled, “Somebody Has to Say It.”

I had no idea that “impersonating the opposite sex” was against the law in some places, including Philly. In order to avoid getting arrested those in drag wore two articles of men’s clothing…another one of those gay loopholes I’m always talking about.

Those parades were, I believe, the first gay pride marches in the city, pre-dating the official event sponsored by a coalition of queer organizations in 1972. I was a member of that coalition, representing the Gay Liberation Front at Temple University where I was a student. We thought we had invented pride, but obviously someone beat us to the punch. Queens have always led the way in the queer community (the Compton’s and Stonewall riots, for instance) because they were not able to hide in the closet. 

According to the article, the parades stopped in the 80’s after the alleged murder of someone in drag. There’s never been evidence of a murder taking place during one of the parades.

You can read the piece in full here.

For anyone interested, you can purchase a gay pride corset here on Amazon. Yes, Amazon.

Zac Ephron Nude That Awkward Moment 

This next article gives eleven reasons, with eleven hot photos, of why you should see That Awkward Moment. The movie hasn’t been released yet, but you can read a little about it here. There’s one photo I would love to post where Zac Ephron is sprawled out in a bathroom, naked and stretched over a toilet face down, while he’s on the phone. But you’ll have to check the link here. Trust me, it’s worth it.

This is reason 11:

11. And Zac Efron’s butt.

There’s also a trailer. The film is due for release in January 2014.

And, once again, the comment thread that goes with this article is priceless.