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The Penis,The Pole Vaulter, and The Olympic Dream; Woman Confronts Penis-Touching Dude; This Gay Guy Loves Hillary

The Penis, The Pole Vaulter, and The Olympic Dream

In penis news this week…

But it was his penis that delivered the final blow. Already unsteady, the bar was dislodged from its holdings when Ogita’s old fellow decided to make an appearance and slap the metal. The vaulter’s arm then collected the bar as it began to fall.

Video footage showed the crushing moment the 28-year-old was let down by his trouser friend.

You can check this out here, and there’s a visual.

Woman Confronts Penis-Touching Dude

Here’s something I’ve seen in a couple of places on social media. 

A WOMAN has publicly slammed a man she said was pleasuring himself on the train, forcing the man to get off at the next stop.

The sassy passenger, Deanna Carter, launched the verbal attack on the man, publicly shaming him after claiming she saw him rubbing his penis.

You can check this out here, and there’s a video. This “sassy passenger” not only slammed him, but took it upon herself to throw him off the train. And he left fast!

It is SFW, there are no penis shots, but there’s a language warning at the beginning.

This Gay Guy Loves Hillary

Even though I always remain objective when it comes to politics, I think it’s only fair to post about people who are political once in a while. I try to balance that with all the candidates, and I never judge. There are a lot of passionate people out there these days who are supporting their political candidates in public and they aren’t holding anything back.  I think it’s really important to respect that for everyone. It’s about being civil and having respect.

And this guy loves Hillary.  

Anyone who says there aren’t any enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporters have clearly never met this man. He’s as with her as you can possibly be, going so far as to say, “I would totally bottom for that b*tch, you know?”

Now that’s passionate.

You can watch his video here.


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