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Chihuahua Allegedly Stabbed By Gay Porn Star’s Lover; Gay Guys Who Don’t Come Out; Hillary’s E-mails On Gays

Chihuahua Allegedly Stabbed By Gay Porn Star’s Lover

Here’s yet another dismal news item about a gay porn star, and this one is particularly distressing.

“A fit of rage” is what’s being described as the state Jose Luis Rodriguez was in when he allegedly stabbed his boyfriend’s chihuahua to death in an Upper East Side Manhattan park over the weekend, though we have a hard time rationalizing the disturbing attack under any terms.

Randy Capehart, aka gay adult film actor Vin Nolan (above), was in Texas attending his grandmother’s funeral and left his dog, Buddy, in the care of Rodriguez.

Suspecting Nolan of cheating, Rodriguez flew off the handle and attacked buddy in John Jay Park, near East 78th Street and FDR Drive, as terrified onlookers, including children, watched.

You can read the rest here. I know exactly where that neighborhood is because it’s near my brother’s Venfield NYC showroom. 

 Gay Guys Who Don’t Come Out

I’ve talked about this here on the blog a few times. There’s this big misconception that all gay men “come out.” I never did. There was no big coming out announcement for me…or for Tony. We just started living our lives and people either figured it out or they didn’t. I have no regrets in doing that. I never thought I owed anyone any announcements. I still don’t.

Here’s a series of memes that talk about other guys who never actually “came out.”

“I never had to come out. I just let everyone figure it out on their own.”

You can read all of them here. I’m glad to see other guys speaking up about this.

Hillary’s E-mails On Gays

I don’t know whether or not this disclosure helps redeem Hillary Clinton with some in the gay community. I try to remain neutral because everyone has an opinion.

Emails haven’t exactly been assets to Hillary Clinton as she carries on with her Odyssean march to claim the Oval Office, but it looks like there are a few golden nuggets hiding in her past correspondence that could prove helpful.

Newly-released emails from Clinton’s time at the State Department reveal the then-Secretary urged the Obama administration to take a tough stance against antigay laws in Africa, and that she was tickled pink to be honored by World Pride.

You can read more here. As I said, there are a lot of opinions about Clinton in the gay community and I really want to keep this one objective this time. I’m posting it because a lot of you don’t read the gay presses and you most likely won’t hear about this on mainstream news.

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