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Tyler Clementi’s Rommate Pleads Guilty

I’ve been following this story since 2011 and now there’s a new legal twist. In case you haven’t been following it, here’s a link to a few of my previous posts.

Dharun Ravi, the Rutgers University student who spied on Tyler Clementi as he was having a sexual encounter with a man, has agreed to plead guilty to attempted invasion of privacy.

The charge is one of the original 15 counts he faced in his 2012 trial.

According to the New York Times, by accepting the third-degree felony state prosecutors will drop all other charges.

You can read the rest here. It gives a fairly good history of how everything has transpired.

Hallmark Gay Holiday Ad

When I first saw this headline I almost thought it was a gay Hallmark holiday movie. But it’s not. I guess we still haven’t moved beyond ad status yet.

The new commercial for the greeting card company’s Keepsake Ornaments line, features a gay couple who’s moving into a new home and unpacking the boxes.

The adorable pair then reminisces about the first Christmas they spent together after they found their first Christmas tree from one of the boxes.

‘You know what it needs?’ says one of them. ‘An accessory.’

You can watch the video here.  

It’s interesting.

Gay Guys Getting Kicked To the Curb

Here’s a meme post, where gay guys talk about how they got kicked to the curb, literally, because they’re gay.

In 2014, two of the world’s worst parents were caught on camera physically assaulting their gay son, just moments after banishing him from their home over what they believe to be his “chosen” and “ungodly” sexuality.

Here’s one of the quotes:

My parents kicked me out because I’m gay BUT they moved me into an apartment and they still pay for my food, education, rent, etc… I don’t know what to think. They must still love me right?

Now that was heartbreaking. And I hope those of you who think things have changed so much for gay people check these memes out.

You can read more here

Chase of a Lifetime Series by Ryan Field

One of the drawbacks for authors who only focus on the current book itself, in the present, is that we tend to be painfully disorganized when it comes to previous books. And I’m the worst offender. A good deal of the time I can’t even remember how many books I’ve written and had published. But every once in a while I get a moment of clarity and I put it in a blog post.

Here’s a list of the books from my Chase of a Lifetime Series. I’ll be releasing a new indie book soon that has yet to be titled, and I have another new book coming out with Riverdale Ave Books that is titled, Stepbrothers In the Attic. 

In any event, here are the five books in the Chase series. As you can see, book two, comes in two different versions. One has sex scenes, and one doesn’t. I’ve explained why I did that several times, here. And, as far as I know, no one has ever done that before with an erotic romance. And, book 3 was done with a publisher, so that’s why the price is a little higher. I have no control over that.

Chase of a Lifetime – Book 1

Chase of a Dream – Book 2 Unabridged version Abridged Version

Chase of an Adventure – Book 3

Chase of a Holy Ghost – Book 4

Chase of a Christmas Dream