Category: Gay Guys Deleting Grindr To Read More Books; Dating With Tourette’s Syndrome; Pride Hecklers Throw Hate Shade At Nikki Haley

Gay Guys Deleting Grindr To Read More Books; Dating With Tourette’s Syndrome; Pride Hecklers Throw Hate Shade At Nikki Haley

Gay Guys Deleting Grindr To Read More Books

Even though I know nothing about Grindr, I’m thrilled to hear this. I already know for a fact that a lot of gay men are voracious readers and I’m glad to hear that reading is now becoming even more popular.

Jason Chen was sick of meeting losers on Grindr. The sex was never great, and the conversation was even worse.  So he deleted the app and started a gay book club instead.

“Our club is pretty standard-issue,” Chen explains in a new article published by The Cut. “We send endless emails trying to get together, spend much of our time gossiping, and have rosé-fueled debates about whether Elena Ferrante could possibly be a man, or where the narrator of The Idiot falls on the spectrum, or if A Little Life qualifies more as torture or interiors porn.” 

You can read more about this here. 

Dating With Tourett’s Syndrome

Here’s something about a gay man with Tourette’s syndrome, and the issues he has to face when it comes to dating.

 Damian explains that he recently arranged to meet a guy for drinks. The guy never showed. Or so he thought.

“It turns out then after he met up with one of my other friends, that he saw me,” Damian says. “He saw me ticking. He thought I was crazy and walked away.”

There’s more here. It does get more upbeat. I actually knew someone once who had Tourette’s and after you get to know the person, and like the person, you don’t even notice.

Pride Hecklers Throw Hate Shade At Nikki Haley

To be honest, I don’t even know who Nikki Haley is. This is one of those political things I don’t follow closely. But she must be someone important because she was leaving a restaurant in NY this past weekend that was on the Pride route, and on the way out LGBTQ people shouted hateful pejoratives at her…and even at her family. Her young son was with her.

So the only reason why I’m even posting about this is to state that I would never do something like this to anyone in public, and probably not even in private, especially not if they had a child with them. I wasn’t raised that way. Just because I’m openly gay, and proud to be openly gay, doesn’t mean I choose to live my life like others in the LGBTQ community. Taking the high road isn’t all that difficult to do. I also think that Pride events are more about tolerance and anti-hate.

With that said…

On Sunday, Haley says she and her family were booed and heckled while leaving a restaurant along the NYC Pride route.

After the incident, Haley posted this message on Facebook: 

You can check this one out here. And there are comments that vary, which shows that the ever growing division within the LGBTQ community seems to be getting wider.

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