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Huckabee Questions President Obama; Conservative Gay Texts in UK

Huckabee Questions President Obama

For some reason, this week Arkansas Gov. Huckabee has been quoted more than once about gay marriage, always answering questions or stating views according to how the US right wing Christian bible belt views anything LGBT. The most recent I’ve read now question President Obama’s “Christian convictions” because of Obama’s recent support of gay marriage.

Huckabee said this about Obama’s flip-flop on gay marriage:

“He said it was because of his Christian convictions,” Huckabee said of Obama. “Does he have them or does he not? If one has them, they don’t change depending on what the culture does. You don’t take an opinion poll to come up with a new point of view.”

I’m not going to comment, because the article does quote Obama’s previous stand against gay marriage. I’d just like to point out one thing in general, all politics aside. The US Christian bible belt does NOT represent all Americans, not by any means. This is why we have a separation of church and state (I think we still have it anyway). To suggest otherwise, or to even bring up how any Christian feels on anything involving civil rights, is insulting to all Americans who are not Christian, and highly irregular.

Side note: I stated in this recent post a wrote about Gov. Huckabee that we’d be hearing from him again. We have, and I strongly predict more to come. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not something surprising.

You can read more here.

Conservative Gay Sex Texts in UK

Speaking of conservative Gov. Huckabee here in the US who is anti-gay because of his Christian convictions, I couldn’t help posting this next link about a conservative Tory official in the UK and the gay sex texts he’s been sending while contacting gay men on Grindr. I always comment with care on these things because I’m not familiar with UK government anything. I try never to read between the lines with posts like this. I’m not well enough informed to do that. But I do find it amusing.

I highly suggest reading more than just this excerpt below. Check out the link. It’s interesting to see how this type of thing happens more often than not…in the UK, US, and other places. And I’m never really sure why. They can’t actually believe they won’t get caught eventually. Or can they?

Bombshell details of salacious messages sent by a top Tory official on a gay dating service, referring to a sex party funded by Conservative MPs’ expenses, were revealed last night.

Messages the official exchanged with another man on Grindr, a gay dating app, refer to ‘cute boys’, ‘orgy’, ‘gay party’, ‘hottie MPs’ and ‘all in one bed’ said to be ‘on offer’ in a luxury hotel suite hired for Tory researchers at the party’s annual conference in Manchester.

The messages name two top Tory MPs: one of the most senior Government Ministers and an MP tipped as a future Party leader.

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