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Hot Gay Twins Come Out; Gay Congress Endorses Hillary; Gay Go-Go Boys Calling It Quits: Go-Go Boys Interrupted

Gay Twins Come Out

No matter what happens in the world, a story about good looking young gay twins coming out always sounds fascinating. I think this one even trumps Trump’s stories. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) 

“So being from a big family and there being so many of us, I guess because my twin brother and I were sort of special and in the middle, we kind of felt a lot of pressure, probably put on us by ourselves, but still pressure to not disappoint anyone and to try to always be the best we could be,” Ron begins.

You can read the rest here. It gets into how he told his twin brother who’s also gay, and then how they told their mother.

Gay Congress Endorses Hillary

Even though I hate to say it again, I never mention which political candidate I’m supporting in these posts and I constantly remain objective as a blogger. But I do like to post the news about all the candidates…sometimes. I thought this was newsworthy. 

The political action committee formed by formed by leaders of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, Equality PAC, has formally endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Democrat presidential primary race.

In fact,  they are “thrilled.”

You can read the rest here.

Gay Go-Go Boys Calling It Quits

Jimmy Fowlie’s Go-Go Boy Interrupted trailer was recently released. I think this is season 2. I don’t know much about it so I can’t comment. However, I am going to find out more about it. I think it looks good.

With his failed attempts at babysitting and AA behind him, the upcoming season will see Danny continue his quest to try and reclaim his former glory in West Hollywood’s gay scene. He’ll explore the possibilities of doing gay porn, give dating a try and make an effort to broaden his horizons by listening to NPR.

Here’s more, with the trailer. 

In case you’re as clueless about this as I am, here’s a link to the Go-Go Boy Interrupted web site. From what I gather it’s a web series and they’re having a Kickstarter campaign to fund it.

I know I’ve expressed strong opinions about crowdfunding at times, however, in cases like this I actually love these things. Here are creative people giving us entertainment that we normally would never, ever get from network TV, cable TV, or even the film industry. That’s something I think should be supported. Here’s their Kickstarter page. 

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