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"Ticker" On Facebook; Gus Kenworthy’s Christmas Card; The Coolest Gayborhood

“Ticker” On Facebook

When I post things like this I only refer to me. I also think Facebook is a great  form of social media but not one  to be taken too seriously for anything other than social interaction. In other words it’s great for selfies and what you had for dinner…which is what it was intended to be.

I never really paid much attention to the “ticker” thing on Facebook that shows you what everyone is posting, liking, or commenting about. I’m usually too busy to care what other people are doing. What I see in my news feed on Facebook is what Facebook decides to show me on any given day. 

I never post anything political or offensive because I’m not all that political to begin with. If I see someone who is too political for my tastes…and it could be right wing or left wing…I usually stop following their updates. I enjoy interacting with social media friends and I think it’s important to respect their opinions. But when they become too aggressive I back off completely.

With that said, I think learning how to use social media in a general sense is important. We lose a lot of privacy and sometimes things get misinterpreted. The other night I “liked” an update on Facebook that was political, however, I wasn’t agreeing with the update I was “liking” so that my friend would see I’d been there. I didn’t even take it very seriously, and about three minutes later a woman I don’t even known sent me a PM asking me if I know what I just clicked “like” to.

I responded by politely telling her I don’t discuss politics on social media with anyone. It’s rule I don’t break. Yet she responded with a more aggressive PM about how I should know what I’m clicking “like” to. I warned her I don’t discuss politics and I blocked her right after that. There’s no point in going to battle with someone like that. It’s a waste of time. And then I started to wonder how she even knew I clicked “like” to that particular update.

It had to be the “ticker” feature on Facebook that’s running constantly all day long and stealing more of our privacy. I don’t really care all that much about it, but I did a quick search to see if I could turn it off so no one knows what I “like” or comment on. I found out that’s not possible…yet. So from now on I’ve decided to just click “like” to everything I see, randomly. I figure that if I do that I’ll confuse Facebook so much they won’t know what to think.

However, if you do care what people see, beware of the “ticker” feature on Facebook. There’s always someone out there somewhere spying on you and this feature only makes it easier for them.

Gus Kenworthy’s Christmas Card

This is adorable. But anything this guy does is adorable.

 It’s that time of year. We’re out shopping for gifts for our loved ones, singing Christmas carols, getting Santa aroused. Well, that last one’s true if you’re on the Queerty staff  Gus Kenworthy. The puppy-rescuing, Olympic medal-winning silver fox did his fans a solid this year with a photo taken on the lap of lucky Ole Kris Kringle. Note Kenworthy’s cheeky caption: “Sit on my lap and let’s talk about the first thing that pops up.” That’s not a candy cane, folks.

You can check that out here. 

That’s one lucky Santa.  

The Coolest Gayborhood

Here’s one of those voting contest things where you can vote on which city has the coolest gayborhood. I know many of you out there reading this blog are rolling your eyes because you probably don’t live in a gayborhood. Many gay men I know personally prefer NOT to live in, or even near, a gayborhood.  And, these places area also referred to as “gay ghettos.” I’m not sure if that’s PC or not to say, but I honestly don’t care about being PC too much anymore.

Gayborhoods don’t necessarily need rainbow-painted sidewalks to grab our attention. LGBT folks have always gravitated to the coolest parts in town, but now we need your help to find which city has the hippest gayborhood.

Here’s how you can vote. 

What I’m always wondering is how long these gayborhoods are going to stick around. In other words, will they wind up disappearing like the gay bars have in many places as younger gay men assimilate more?

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