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Straight Guy Secret Man Crushes; Obama’s Gay Jokes; Prostate Pleasure

Straight Guy Secret Man Crushes

Here’s another one about straight guys apparently having secret man crushes on other guys. It seems to be trending in gay presses.

We’ve heard that straight men are a lot more bisexual than you might think, and science has even tried to explain why so many straight dudes fantasize about having gay sex, but when it comes to hetero daydreams about a same-sex encounter, who tends to pop up naked?

We asked Whisper to do a little digging. Here’s what they found:

You can see the photos here. It’s funny. And, maybe there is some accuracy to it as well. 

Obama’s Gay Jokes

This is actually funny, too. It looks as if President Obama is opening up a little more now that he has the freedom to do this. And he’s doing it with a little snark.

He delivered a laser-sharp barb at the expense of Michele Bachmann and her recent prediction that rapture was upon us. “Michele Bachmann actually predicted that I would bring about the biblical end of days. Now, that’s a legacy. That’s big. I mean, Lincoln, Washington, they didn’t do that.”

Here’s the rest of the article. 

Prostate Pleasure

This one is about as simple as it gets. “The Ins and Outs of Prostate Pleasure.” I really wish there were more exciting stories in gay news, but lately they seem to be scrambling for material. Michele Bachmann better say something soon or we’ll be reading about nut sacks next.

2. It makes your orgasm
Or at least, a significant part of it. In a small 2011 study, almost 40 percent of men who had their prostate removed reported being unable to orgasm. A larger 2014 study found only five percent were unable to orgasm after prostate removal, but 60 percent of men reported less intense orgasms. So while the science is unclear, the evidence suggests prostates are necessary for orgasms to be their best. Which leads us to …

There is more here, with a video. Actually, all sarcasm aside, it really is important for all men to know more about this. Any little bit helps, no pun intended. 

He’s NOT Gay,Again; In Love With Straight Best Friend; Leelah Alcorn’s Mom Speaks

He’s NOT Gay

Frankly, the only reason I’m posting about this debacle is to show how there are still people out there who find shame in being referred to as gay. You can call these blithering idiots anything from vapid douche-bags to brainless buffoons,  but don’t call them gay. It pisses me off. In this case it’s an actor, Sahil Kha, who is mixed up in some kind of trashy litigation no one cares about with his former female business partner and the female business partner is telling everyone he’s gay. She needs a kick in the ass, too. He’s claiming he had an affair with this woman and he has photos to prove it.

Khan however is claiming that she spent the money on him as they were having an affair. 

‘Ayesha has said so many things about me – that I am gay and that we did not have physical relations – and she has left me no choice but to take all these things to the public,’ Khan was quoted as saying in the Times of India. 

Ayesha told Mid-day, ‘There cannot be any personal pictures for the simple reason that there was never a personal relationship. I think his ex-wife was the best person to clarify that.’ 

Khan’s former wife Negar reportedly said in an interview in July 2005 that she caught her former husband in a ‘compromising position with a man’ in Bangkok when she returned early from her film-shoot.

Whether he’s gay or not isn’t the issue as far as I’m concerned. It’s the strong denial that he’s NOT gay that bothers me the most. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with being gay and why this even comes up makes me want to punch something.

You can read the rest here in more detail. I didn’t really care about the facts in this case. I just wanted to show another example of people who think there’s something wrong with being gay.

In Love With Straight Best Friend

I think this is something that’s been happening since the beginning of time…a gay man falling in love with his straight best friend. In the past this has always been unrequited love, never to be mentioned aloud. In almost all cases the straight friend never even knew it was happening. Evidently, things are changing to a certain degree.

Star-crossed love is one thing, but falling for someone who isn’t interested in romance with your entire gender is an impossible hurdle to jump. And it’s sadly all too often a scenario when gay guys fall for their straight best friends.

Things get confusing, and fast. The male bonding that the straight friend enjoys so much can easily turn into butterflies in the stomach for the gay friend, always wondering if the friendly affection might one day mean more.

They list fifteen anonymous comments on the topic from people who have experienced this first hand. You can read them here. 

At least we’re talking about it now, and without shame.

Leelah Alcorn’s Mom Speaks

Leelah Alcorn is the transgender teen who recently died after writing an online suicide note. She was run over by a tractor-trailer and police are investigating this as a suicide. In the note she left she went into detail about how hard it was to deal with her parents and her sexual identity. This is really one of the saddest stories I’ve heard in a long time.

This is part of what she wrote:

 ‘The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like humans, with valid feelings and human rights. Gender needs to be taught about in schools, the earlier the better. 

 ‘My death needs to mean something. My death needs to be counted in the number of transgender people who commit suicide this year. I want someone to look at that number and say “that’s fucked up” and fix it. Fix society. Please.’

This has been so compelling and has had such a strong reaction from so many people Leelah’s mom is now speaking out…in a lame attempt to defend herself.

‘We don’t support that, religiously … But we told him that we loved him unconditionally. We loved him no matter what. I loved my son. People need to know that I loved him. He was a good kid, a good boy.’ 

Carla Alcorn says her child came to her only once to talk to her about being transgender, and that she had never asked to be called Leelah. She says the first time she heard the name Leelah was when she read the suicide note. 

She said that she knew her child was depressed, and had seen counselors and a psychiatrist, who had prescribed Leelah medication, but after that time, ‘He just quit talking about it [being transgender]’. 

This conflicts with Leelah’s suicide note, which paints a picture of a trans teenager who had been at odds with her parents for some time over her desire to transition. 

It has also emerged that Leelah posted a message on Reddit two months ago in which she also talked about wanting to see a gender therapist but was instead sent by her parents to see Christian therapists who she felt didn’t understand her. 

She ended that note by saying: ‘Please help me, I don’t know what I should do and I can’t take much more of this.’ 

I don’t doubt for one instant that Leeah’s parents loved her. Of course they did, but with conditions. I think it’s significant to notice that in her mom’s statements her mom never once uses “she” as a pronoun. It’s always “he.” That tells me everything I need to know in only one word.

You can read the rest here.  

Chase of a Holy Ghost

Straight Guys Going Gay; Christians and Gay Kidnapping; Nick Jonas’ Gay Character; Gay Peter Pan Syndrome;

Straight Guys Going Gay

There’s a certain amount of reality with respect to straight guys going gay for the right gay guy. I think some gay guys might go straight for the right straight woman…Angelina Jolie. Nothing is so black and white it’s set in proverbial stone. That’s what this article is about…which gay men could turn a straight man gay.

We’ve heard that straight men are a lot more bisexual than you might think, and science has even tried to explain why so many straight dudes fantasize about having gay sex, but when it comes to hetero daydreams about a same-sex encounter, who tends to pop up naked?

Reddit user wienerjuice (yes, really) had the same question, and recently queried the horny straight guys of the world wide web with this simple question:

Men of Reddit. Who would you go gay for?

You can check out the answers here. I’m not sure how it happened but Ellen wound up on this list, too. I’d rather sleep with Oprah…or her best friend Gayle, than Ellen. 

Christians and Gay Kidnapping

Before I get into this I’d like to make it clear that when I refer to “Christians” I’m not talking about all Christians. I know this behavior is mostly coming from the most fundamental right, and I don’t like using ableist language which would be so easy to do in cases like this. So when I use the word Christian I’m not making a general statement.The word they use here is “churchgoer,” which is a broad one, too.

Matthew Fenner, a 21-year-old student, says his fellow churchgoers attempted to free him of his “homosexual demons” during a two-day assault that involved slapping, strangling, verbal assault, and threats of confinement. He also claims his story was not initially taken seriously by law enforcement and that it took several attempts to get a formal complaint filed over the incident, which he says occurred in January of 2013.

On Tuesday, a grand jury charged parishioners Justin Brock Covington, Brooke McFadden Covington, Robert Louis Walker Jr., and Adam Christopher Bartley with second degree kidnapping and simple assault charges, along with Sarah Covington Anderson, who was also charged with assault by strangulation.

The rest is here. I don’t think I need to comment on this one. I hope they send these churchgoers to prison and they rot there.

Nick Jonas Reveals His Gay Character

I didn’t even add this to the title of the post. Straight guy Nick Jonas has been gay-baiting this piece of crap for so long I don’t care and I’m not even going to mention it.

No link to this. I hope Jonas and his gay character do well together.

Gay Peter Pan Syndrome

Here’s an interesting discussion about the so-called gay Peter Pan syndrome. I’m not sure I totally agree with it, but there are a few interesting points and this topic seems to be everywhere these days.

He cleverly refers to this “eternal Peter Pan syndrome” as “gaydolescence.”

“For the most part, the gaydolescence comes from being denied a legitimate adolescence in our teenage years,” he theorizes. “The consequence of this is often young gay men don’t partake — and actively distance themselves — from the adolescent experiences of teenage love, sex, even good friendships.”

Maybe for some people. But these days, more and more LGBT youth are coming out at a younger and younger age.

“The fall out effect of this becomes apparent when we accept who we are, at 18, 22, or sometimes 30 or older, and then we become 16 year old boys all over again,” Suckling continues. “Sex drives ramp up. We join a party culture that doesn’t stop for anything. We date around and finally get the sexual education we missed out on (and then some).”

You can read the rest here. Let’s just say the author of the piece isn’t agreeing with this totally either.

I think the point about missing adolescence is valid, but I don’t think it lasts a lifetime. And everything mentioned here could also be applied to certain men and women who are straight. No one is exempt from mid-life crisis either.

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Straight Guy Tease; Barney Frank on Obama; Cosmo Sex Tip Fail

Straight Guy Tease

This seems to be happening in other reality TV shows lately, too. In the UK there’s a reality show similar to Jersey Shore and there’s a straight guy on the show, Dan Osborne, who seems to be making headlines for something many are calling a straight tease.

We’re really living in interesting times:

In this week’s season finale, Osborne officially took his love for the gay community to the max by kissing gay cast member Bobby Norris on the lips. Or, as the Brits say, the boys “shared a cheeky snog.”

I’ve been watching this same thing happen on Big Brother 16 with Frankie and Zach.

Zach, the straight one, said softly to his gay friend: ‘Frankie, can you just like caress me.’
They then began to spoon.

Since I wrote that post, their gay for you saga continues to evolve but we rarely actually see them show any signs of affection other than a second or two of queerbaiting. (It’s getting tired fast.)

You can read more here where there’s a photo of the kiss on the UK show. I guess this is gay for you as well. I could be wrong. I’ve been gay all my life and I’ve never actually been sure what “gay for you” really is all about.

Barney Frank on Obama

I rarely post anything political here, at least political in partisan terms. I don’t like politics…partisan politics. But this is interesting because Barney Frank was the first openly gay senator I remember, and also a Democrat. For him to make these comments about a sitting Democratic President is newsworthy and interesting.

This is what Frank said about the Health Care Plan:

“The rollout was so bad, and I was appalled — I don’t understand how the president could have sat there and not been checking on that on a weekly basis,” Frank told HuffPost during a July interview. “But frankly, he should never have said as much as he did, that if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. That wasn’t true. And you shouldn’t lie to people. And they just lied to people.”

You can read more of Frank’s comments here.

Cosmo Sex Tip Fail

I’ve posted on this topic before in a general sense, about how magazines like Cosmo never seem to get it right and how they are always blowing smoke up our butts with the most ridiculous and expecting us to take that crap seriously. Well they recently pubbed a piece about lesbian sex tips and I’m not the only one who thinks they’re full of crap. This link made some striking observations and some amusing comments.

It was as if a straight frat boy took out his doodle pad and drew every scene from every porn he had ever witnessed with Barbie or Disney princesses playing the leading roles, with their impossibly tiny bodies and silky, gravity-defying hair.
The positions were all hetero-normative fantasies of lesbian sex at their worst and silly at their best.

Well, isn’t that what Cosmo thought their readers wanted? That big old heteronormative fantasy of girl on girl sex. However, Cosmo usually gets it all wrong with straight sex articles, too. I’ve always wondered if they do this on purpose.

You can read more here. And I really hope you do. There’s an even more amusing photo shoot that accompanies this piece.

So in honor of that, without further ado, here are some of my queer friends performing 14 of Cosmo’s Ridiculous Ode to Lesbian Sex Positions.

Chase of a Holy Ghost
.99 Gay Romance by Ryan Field

Gay For You Big Brother 16; Bisexual R.J. Aguiar; 17 Gays Playing Straight; The Way We Almost Were by Ryan Field

Gay For You Big Brother 16

Every summer I post about the fact that I’ve been a huge fan of the TV show (and the game), Big Brother, and this year I saw something different happen on the most recent episode that I never expected to see…anywhere. There are two good looking male contestants getting to know each other. Zach Rance claims he’s straight. And Frankie Grande is gay. They’ve formed a friendship that not only shows them bonding, but hugging, laying in bed together, and fondling each other in a way that’s rarely seen with straight men and gay men.

 Zach, the straight one, said softly to his gay friend: ‘Frankie, can you just like caress me.’

They then began to spoon.

Grande, the brother of singer Ariana Grande, and Rance are the season’s first big ‘showmance’ and have given themselves the moniker of ‘Zrankie.’

‘I’m not gay,’ Rance tells viewers. ‘But the bond Frankie and I have is so genuine and sincere that I truly feel that he is my boyfriend.’

I have always said…even in my books…the relationships and friendships between gay and straight men are often highly underestimated. I made this very clear in my m/m romance The Way We Almost Were. I have a hot straight friend, too. We don’t spoon and caress each other. But we really do connect in ways I often can’t connect with other gay men. It’s easier.

It should be interesting to see how this relationship ends up with Rance and Grande. On Big Brother no one is safe and the central theme of the game is all about how many lies you can tell and who you can stab in the back the most. It’s a game, first and foremost.

You can read more here. The comments are interesting, too.

Bisexual R.J. Aguiar

This is interesting for several reasons. One, it’s about a bisexual man and we don’t often hear much about them. And two, because R.J. Aguiar is another rising you tube star and they keep popping up more and more lately. Three, he’s adorable. Four, he’s tired of being labeled gay.

“Yes, I’m a bisexual male,” R.J. Aguiar says in a video published Monday. The 25-year-old is currently engaged to Will Shepherd, his fellow YouTuber and cofounder of the brand Not Adam and Steve. That relationship, combined with the couple’s online visibiliy, has led to a seemingly endless stream of questions about the validity of Aguiar’s orientation, he says.

I don’t post about this often, but I have mentioned the issues bisexual men face all the time. I personally don’t think it’s fair. You can try to explain bisexuality until you’re head is hanging sideways and most people still don’t get it.

There’s more here. There’s a video where Aguiar is trying to “set the record” straight…at least that’s what he’s hoping to do but I’m afraid it might fall on deaf ears with some.

17 Gays Playing Straight

I’ll admit that I’m often critical about the difficulties gay actors have getting straight roles in Hollywood, and I think that’s partly because it’s so hard for an openly gay author to cross into the mainstream with fiction. It’s like starting all over again and anything you’ve pubbed previously doesn’t count anymore. But I digress. Here’s a list of 17 gay actors who do play straight roles with success.

Here’s one:

10. Jonathan Bennett

This sexy actor is best known for his role as heartthrob Aaron Samuel in the iconic teen film “Mean Girls”. Sorry to say ladies but this guy just is not that interested in you. He is openly gay and has had a rumoured relationship with actor Matt Dallas.

Maybe I’m being a little too picky here, but I find the list accurate and yet slightly disappointing in some respects. If, and I really mean if without any insinuations, Tom Cruise were to hypothetically come out of the closet I have to wonder if he would ever get a leading straight role in the big feature film again. We’re making progress thanks to the 17 actors listed here, but I still think we have a long way to go.

You can view the entire list here.

The Way We Almost Were
by Ryan Field

Amazon Review (I tend to stay away from reviews because I think they are for readers and not for authors, and this is the very first time I’ve ever seen this one.)

Sometimes I read a book I like, I love or I’m passionate about. And sometimes a book just lets me speechless, so happy and satisfied, and fulfilled, that I loose my words. This book by Ryan Field is one of them. I don’t know what to say about the book if not that it is AMAZING. I read “A christmas Carl” by the same author and I loved it. But this book, “The way we almost were” is by far the best of Ryan Field’s books. Thi is a book about two men who met in college, and the love they have shared for each other over the years. It is also a book about the importance of living one’s life honestly and to the full.

Duck Dynasty Saga; Vampire Diaries’ Gay Role; Gay 4 Pay Pornsters

Duck Dynasty Saga

I know this isn’t fresh news, but I thought I’d post about it anyway. Tony and I have been dealing with family things all week and I haven’t had much time to blog. In any event, creepy looking Duck Dynasty dude, Phil Robertson, is back on the show and this article analyzes a few possible reasons why he’s back after making some of the most hateful comments about LGBT people in recent history.

But what probably helped turn the tide in the Robertsons’ favor was that the debate wasn’t as clear-cut as the network and many in the media initially assumed. Robertson and his supporters argued that his anti-gay statements were an extension of his passion for the Bible. Once that frame gained a foothold — that this fight is about religion, and the freedom to endorse biblical teachings — A&E was stuck in the awkward position of appearing to advocate against both its own star and orthodox Christianity (ironic, considering A&E Networks garnered such goodwill from Christians for taking a chance on its The Bible mini-series on History this year).

Blah, Blah, Blah…

If you ask me it’s all a publicity stunt created to increase ratings in a dying medium: reality TV. We all know by now there is no such thing as reality TV. The good thing is that it’s all on record and it will be interesting to see how they ALL go down in history.

Read more here…  

Vampire Diaries’ Gay Role

In a more positive announcement, this next article says TV show Vampire Diaries will be getting a gay character.

A new hottie is enrolling at Whitmore after winter break! And he’ll be spending time with Caroline! Except he’s so not into her in that way as Luke, handsome and sarcastic, is gay. And also happens to have a sister on campus, one that he will do (or sacrifice) anything to protect.

You can read more here, and see the comments people left.

Gay 4 Pay Pornsters

I don’t think there’s a gay man alive who hasn’t wondered about this. Are male porn stars in gay adult films actually gay or are they really straight guys looking to show off a little and make a quick buck?

Before working at Next Door Studios I had heard of the term gay-for-pay, but I wasn’t really sure what all that label entailed. I, like many gay men, always had a fetish for straight men. The difference was my relationships with straight men didn’t involve money or the spotlight, but usually involved alcohol and some pretend sleeping. Most of these guys are married and have kids now and I was a part of their “experimental phase. ” A phase that they have moved on from and probably have not continued into their adult life.

I think the comment above is one many gay men can relate to. I can. And I never really “got” it either. But the article is interesting and you can read more here.

Reminds me a little of a new book I’m in with German publisher Bruno Gmunder, with a short story titled, Straight No More. You can read more about that here. It’s the kind of gay for you anthology that will leave a lot of people wondering how much is fact or fiction.

Straight No More: Free Excerpt

I recently submitted a short story to German publisher, Bruno Gmunder, for an anthology that was titled Straight No More. I’ll post more about that in the future, and I’m posting a raw excerpt below, but I thought the title was interesting from a gay for you perspective.

I couldn’t help wondering whether or not straight no more is anything like gay for you…or if they are both the same thing. I tend to think they are related in many ways, and I enjoyed writing this story because I don’t usually do things like this.

In any event, my story is about a young gay man who meets a recently divorced man who married his high school sweetheart and had two kids at a very young age. This divorced guy never really examined his sexuality, and whenever he felt gay urges he pushed them to the back of his mind and ignored them for years. But the marriage suffered and the wife wound up frustrated. She initiated the divorce, and not because either one of them cheated. She just felt trapped in a loveless marriage. Even when she asked him for a divorce he tried to reconcile with her because he was so afraid of his true feelings. And when he meets this young gay guy after the divorce, he finally feels comfortable enough to let go of all his fears and be the person he’s been running away from all his life. And he’s not straight anymore.

Excerpt (before edits):


While Landon was in his bedroom getting ready for his date with a new guy he’d recently met, his best friend who lived across the hall walked into his apartment without knocking and asked, “Hey, buddy, can I borrow a bottle of vodka. We’re having Sidney’s mom and dad over for dinner tonight and I just realized we have no vodka.”

            Landon glanced into a full length mirror and adjusted the new pair of low-rise skinny jeans he’d purchased for this date. They hugged his slim hips and made his butt round exactly the way he’d been hoping they would. He smiled at his own image and said, “Sure. Take what you need. But why on earth didn’t you buy vodka if you knew your in-laws were coming to dinner.” Although Landon’s best friend, Carl, was happily married, Landon knew these dinners with Sidney’s mom and dad tended to freak Carl out. And that’s because Sidney’s mom and dad tended to be judgmental and they still hadn’t accepted the fact that their son was gay and married to another man.

            From the kitchen, Carl said, “The vodka isn’t for them. They don’t drink anything but tea and fucking milk. The fucking vodka is for me. If I don’t slip some booze into mycup of tea I’ll lose my mind.”

            Landon smiled and checked his skin tight black V-neck sweater. It hugged his torso and made all those long arduous workouts doing bench presses worthwhile. Then he checked his short dark brown hair and adjusted the little turned up wave above his forehead that was always so tricky to get just right. Before he turned to leave the bedroom, he glanced into the mirror one last time and removed the black leather choker he’d placed around his neck. He’d always been a huge fan of the campy old saying, “A lady should remove one thing before she leaves the house.” In this case, he chose to remove the black choker. He thought it made him look too cheap. As it was his clothes were tighter than usual that night, and he hadn’t bothered to wear any underwear.

            When he walked into the large open concept living area of his apartment, he found Carl sitting at a bar stool near the kitchen area sipping vodka right from the bottle. He sent him a glance and asked, “Aren’t they going to miss you over there?” He wanted Carl to leave before his date arrived. He had his reasons. This wasn’t a typical date for Landon.

            Carl laughed and said, “They won’t even know I’m gone, trust me. Sidney’s parents only focus on Sidney when they come over, and they pretend I’m nothing more than a roommate from college. I’ve been sucking their son’s dick for the last ten years and they treat me like I’m the hired help. Let me tell you, that can’t get to a person after a while.”

            Landon smiled and crossed to a closet near the front door to get a black leather jacket. It was mid-May in New York, but much cooler than normal and he wasn’t certain where he was going to end up that night. He didn’t respond to Carl because he didn’t want to encourage a deep discussion about Sidney’s mom and dad. He knew Carl would start talking…rambling…about them and never stop.

            Carl took another vituperative swig of vodka and put the top back on the bottle. He placed it in a white plastic bag to conceal it form his in-laws and crossed to the middle of the living room area, while Landon put on the jacket and looked into a small mirror next to the closet door. “Where are you going tonight?” Carl asked. He spoke with a tone that suggested intrigue. He seemed to be lingering longer than he should have.

            Landon smiled and said, “I have a date. Well, sort of a date. I’m sure yet.”

            “Oh,” Carl said. “I didn’t know you were seeing anyone new. You never mentioned anyone new to me.” Carl and Sidney had been together for ten years and they’d reached that point of married life where things had settled down to a nice even routine. Even though Carl considered himself happily married, Landon knew he tended to enjoy Landon’s stories about single gay life as if he missed being single himself sometimes.

            “I only met him yesterday,” Landon said, crossing to the table near the front door to pick up his keys and his wallet. “I stopped into that garage on 31st Street because I heard a strange noise in my car and he checked it out for me.” Landon did the opposite of many people he knew: instead of living in New Jersey and commuting to Manhattan, he lived in Manhattan and commuted to his corporate sales job in northwest New Jersey. This is why he kept a car in Manhattan and paid a steep monthly fee to a garage around the corner. The black Jeep Wrangler he drove also came in handy during the summer on long weekend excursions to Provincetown.

            “A mechanic?” Carl said, leaning forward with his lips parted. “You’re going out with a gay mechanic?”

            He said this as if he were saying a dirty word. Landon flung him a backward glance and said, “Yes. I’m going out with a mechanic. But I’m not certain he’s gay. I’m not even sure it’s a date.” He didn’t want to discuss this with Carl, so he tried to change the subject. “What are you serving for dinner tonight?”

            “Fuck dinner,” Carl said. He followed Landon to the kitchen where Landon opened a drawer to get a small pack of breath mints. “I want to know more about this so-called date with a mechanic you just met who isn’t even gay.”

            Landon popped a breath mint into his mouth and offered Carl one. When Carl refused it, he shoved the mints into his jacket pocket and said, “I didn’t say he wasn’t gay. I said I wasn’t certain he was gay. There’s a difference.” This didn’t even sound rational to him, but he didn’t know how else to explain it.

            “If he’s not gay then why did he ask you out on a date?” Carl asked. His face had twisted a little by then, and his head had tilted to the left.

            “He didn’t ask me,” Landon said. “I asked him out. Well, I didn’t really ask him out on a date exactly. I asked him if he wanted to check out that new movie with Bradley Cooper. And he said yes before I even knew what had happened.”


Gay For You: Matt Bomer Made Him Gay!!

I came across one of the most amusing posts I’ve seen in a long time, written by Chez Pazienza. You can read more about him here. He has some interesting credentials. The photo isn’t bad either. But most of all you’ll love his kind of sort of gay for you article about how Matt Bomer turned him gay. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve always considered myself a straight guy, despite a past littered with deviant sexual exploits of all shapes, sizes and proclivities. But I’m not ashamed to say that you, Matt Bomer, have made me gay. You are sincerely the best looking man anyone’s loins have ever deposited on this planet. Gazing into your steely blue eyes and upon your flawlessly chiseled features, your just-right amount of maybe two o’clock shadow, your perfectly groomed hair that comes loose to hang free at all the proper moments, and of course your 50s-style John Varvatos and Paul Smith suits and exquisite placement of pocket squares — it’s simply all too much to take. It turns me into a puddle of sigh and makes my two-sizes-too-small heart go pitter-patter. It’s like touching the face of Jesus while having a rainbow made of baby smiles jammed up your ass and sucking off a unicorn.

It’s a good thing Chez doesn’t live near me. I know a guy who could be Matt Bomer’s double and no one would notice. Of course he doesn’t think so, and he’d kill me if he saw that I’d even mentioned this on the blog. But they are identical.

So while Matt Bomer remains happily married with his family, there’s still hope for you straight guys out there who find Bomer so irresistible.