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Egypt Jails 14 Gay Men; Adam Lambert’s Censored Gender Fluid Cover; Porn Star Hugh Hunter Declines GayVN Nominations

Egypt Jails 14 Gay Men

If you ever wonder why I rarely bother getting into political discussions, this is why. My only focus, and the only thing I’m willing to go up on that hill for, is this kind of injustice against LGBTI people.

Egypt has jailed 14 more men for homosexuality in the continued hunt to eliminate the LGBTI community.
They were all sentenced to jail for three years for ‘abnormal’ sexual relations.

Here’s the rest.  There’s more, and there are more articles that follow it.

Adam Lambert’s Censored Gender Fluid Cover

Lambert explains how his first album cover wasn’t received well, so it was changed.

He continued, explaining the existence of two covers for the album.
‘I was feelin my gender fluid (and fully photoshopped) glam rock fantasy. The powers that be released a second cover for retailers who felt ‘uncomfortable’ w the original. (Even though i was still fully painted.)’

You can check this out, here. I’ve had this kind of censorship happen to me with publishers…who either don’t understand gay men, or they only know what they’ve been told about gay men. It’s interesting. It’s usually very harmless, and a few years later we laugh about it.

Porn Star Hugh Hunter Declines GayVN Nominations

Hunter wants nothing to do with the GayVN nominations, and he is calling them out on racism for a variety of reasons.

“It now appears as if the GayVN Awards have chosen to make this racism and bigotry more blatant in their return to the awards arena. As I browsed through the GayVN award nomination categories and its endless list of nominees I noticed a category which immediately struck my sensibilities as wrong and, quite frankly, turned my stomach.”

Here’s more. There are over 35 comments with this one. 

Altered Parts

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