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Andrew Scott on Actors Playing LGBT Roles; Hollywood Getting Queer Stories Wrong; Pretty Man by Ryan Field

Andrew Scott on Actors Playing LGBT Roles

The discussion about whether or not gay actors should play straight parts, and straight actors should play gay parts, continues. And unfortunately you’re not going to learn much from this one. He’s missing more than one point here. But it’s interesting to read his comments anyway, just for future reference. 

Andrew Scott said audiences go to see actors doing their jobs, which includes straight actors playing gay roles.

I want to see how this whole topic plays out. Keep one thing in mind, though, at one time actors playing blackface in minstrel shows was totally acceptable. In fact, it was applauded. Thankfully, those awful days are over. 

You can read the rest here. 

Hollywood Getting Queer Stories Wrong

I’ve seen a good deal of discrimination against gay authors in my time, all through first hand experience. About 10 years ago I worked with a publisher who contracted a straight male writer to author a gay romance novel. Of course he used a cheesy pen name, and no one ever found out his real identity, but it was very eye-opening for me as an openly gay writer. His book didn’t do well, and he went right back to his girlfriend and his life of straight privilege. 

With that said, here’s a piece about how Hollywood gets queer stories wrong. I think it’s very well-written. It covers a few interesting points. 

This perspective though, however valid, is missing some nuance. For one thing, being queer is an identity in a way that being an alcoholic, or sleeping with teenage boys, is not. It isn’t an experience someone has, or hasn’t had, but an essential facet of their identity – and no amount of research can truly encapsulate that.

Here’s the link.  This discussion is going to continue to evolve, especially with younger LGBT people stepping up. 

Reader Reviews: “Ryan Field has another winner with Pretty Man, a gay take on the Julia Roberts movie.”

Pretty Man by [Field, Ryan ]

Roland Marcus—rich, handsome and pushing 40—is still not over the fact that his 20-year relationship has ended, and desperately needs someone to distract him while he attends a bevvy of charity events in New York. With all eyes upon him, including his ex’s (who left him for a younger man), Roland accidentally bumps into a hot young guy in a used book store…a strapping male hustler whom he decides to hire for one week to accompany him to his social events. He offers him $5,000, with no strings attached, to just stand by his side and look pretty. 

Josh Holden, a young guy who is helping to support his son and saving money to buy a business with his best friend and ex-wife, is only too happy to escort Roland anywhere he wants to go that week. And he’s not doing it just for the money…

Roland learns in less than a week’s time that his future can still hold both earth-shattering sex and a love of real substance.