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Licensing Gay Romance for Fan Fiction

Licensing books, authors, or other creative material for fan fiction is becoming even more popular on Amazon. They recently secured licenses for books written by Hugh Howey, Barry Eisler, and a few others. Amazon already has licenses with the likes of Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars.

This concept of making fan fiction available for commercial sale is interesting because everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Although I’ve never written fan fic, I see nothing wrong with it and I’ve had many of my own readers tell me how much they love gay fan fic based on TV shows like Queer as Folk.

Amazon plans to launch its Kindle Worlds store later this month with more than 50 commissioned works, opening the self-service submission platform at the same time.

It will pay royalties to both the authors and the rights holders of the world, with the author receiving 35% of net revenue for works over 10,000 words. For works between 5,000 words and 10,000 words, usually priced under $1, Amazon will pay the royalties for the world¹s rights holder and pay authors a digital royalty of 20%.

As of yet, I have not seen any licenses secured for gay romance, gay fiction, or gay erotica worlds on Amazon. I could be wrong about that, and maybe there is more to come from Amazon. But what surprises me a little is that no author has taken it upon himself/herself to do this alone, without a third party. (Maybe someone has and I don’t know it…I just haven’t heard about it.)

So I’m seriously thinking about doing this myself, with my own books and erotica worlds, so to speak. I’ll be getting the rights back to over thirty published works at the end of this month when goes out of business. I’ll be re-releasing those books as indie books with Ryan Field Press quickly. I also have five other published works out right now that I control completely, including two books in the Chase series. If any fan fic authors are interested in writing fan fiction based on any of my gay romance books or characters…or erotic worlds…and selling this fan fiction commercially, please contact me here,

I can’t do this with books I have out with publishers, but I can do this with books I control. And I do know a lot of fan fiction authors who like to work this way. I’m really not certain about whether or not there’s a market for this with gay erotica or gay romance, but if anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me to work out an arrangement.