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Where’s That Dildo 2; Jeff Bezos’ Little Amazon Campfire; David Burtka Solo Cabaret Act

Where’s That Dildo 2

Here’s a follow up on a post I did previously on a project where they take a dildo and hide it in a subtle place in a room, and then they take a photo, post it, and people have to find the dildo.

Are you surprised that it’s already catching fire?
We thought the idea had a lot of potential from the start just because everyone loves Where’s Waldo and everyone loves a good dick joke, and this is a combination of the two that’s simultaneously childish and very adult. However, the actual public response has definitely exceeded any expectations we had when this started and is great encouragement to push Subtle Dildo even further.

So who are the “we” behind Subtle Dildo?
We’re a group of 20-somethings that all live together and work in varied, separate fields. We don’t think our names are all that important when it comes to Subtle Dildo.

So far they claim they’ve had all positive responses. Maybe they did for all we know. I think it’s interesting as a human nature project.  I also think it’s interesting they won’t use their names. It seems to be the typical mind set these days.

You can read more here.

Jeff Bezos’ Little Amazon Campfire

I’ll bet most authors I know didn’t even realize that every year Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has a highly guarded, secretive event where he invites the most elite authors. They fly in on private jets and pull up in limos. It’s held at an exclusive resort in Santa Fe, NM. Most of the authors sound as if they’re from big publishing houses…the old guard of old publishing, and THE most privileged of us all. But it’s so highly protected no one speaks its name…so to speak…and like everything else Amazon related Bezos wants to keep it that way.

But this year there’s been so much controversy over the Amazon/Hachette issue about book pricing some didn’t attend, and some didn’t even get invited. Some are even talking about it, in a lame attempt to break the Amazon secrecy.

Some repeat Campfire attendees who have supported Hachette in the dispute say they were not invited this year. Others say they are having second thoughts about going. The event has become as divisive as the fight.
“My guess is a lot of writers turned it down this year,” said James Patterson, who attended last year’s festivities. Mr. Patterson, whose novels are published by Hachette, gave a speech in May, when he warned that Amazon needed to be stopped “by law if necessary, immediately.” 
You can read the rest here.
I wonder if they play hide the dildo at THIS event. Might do them all some good.
David Burtka Solo Cabaret Act
David Burtka is Neil Patrick Harris’ husband, and he’s been in the background for the length of their marriage/relationship. That’s about to change now, with Burtka taking on his own solo act in New York next month. Harris is directing it.

That chance will come in November when Burtka stars in a solo cabaret act entitled Burtka, David at 54 Below in New York City on 25 and 26 November.

The show will be directed by Harris who directed the Hollywood Bowl production of Rent a few years back.

It’s being promoted as a show that’s unlike any cabaret act before, which is interesting to me because I not a huge fan of typical cabaret, torch songs, or any kind of show tunes. But this looks like it could be different.

In any event, you can read more here. There’s also a link to the night club web site with a video of Burtka and Harris performing together. I watched it and I LOVE it. They’re great together and it’s not without humor and a little classic camp.

Side note: I love the remark about Burtka being Harris’ new “hubby.” I know that’s cheesy magazine talk for cute and adorable, but seriously, these guys have been together sharing their lives for over ten years.

Cowboy Howdy
by Ryan Field
Amazon Review: Do you know who you are? What you are? Howdy finds out in college, when he meets his roommate. We become what’s expected of us. What is right or wrong in life? What is love? Who do you supposed to love in life? Find out in COWBOY HOWDY. A great book, too short, but great!


Do All Gay Men Like the Same Kind of Entertainment?

This afternoon a good friend of mine e-mailed me with a question. The question was asked by a straight friend of hers.

I thought it was a great question, and innocent, too. No names, but I’m copying verbatim. This friend of my friend e-mailed her with this:

I have a question for you and I feel that you will not be insulted that I ask.We saw the Liza Minnelli show last evening and I couldn’t help but notice that the audience was made up of mostly or many gay men. I noticed that before for other singers and I do know that gay men loved Judy Garland as well. What is it that attracts them to certain singers? It is the sad life she leads, her love songs, what is it? I wouldn’t see that for Bob Dylan, Joan Baez or some others I like.
Yes for Bette Midler —-

My friend replied this way (in all caps because she isn’t the best typist):


How other guys will answer, I don’t know. But this is how I replied:

Personally, I would rather be forced to eat dirt than listen to show tunes, piano bar, Judy, Barbra, or Liza. I like them occasionally, but I’d never pay to see them…or anything associated with them. This includes anything even associated with a Broadway Show or any form of musical theater.

However, I listen to rap music when I’m alone, mostly. I listen to hard rock when I’m alone. I LOVE Bob Dylan and Joan Baez!!

I’m sure my friend will copy me with more replies from other gay men. I would imagine some will reply very differently than I did and I’ll post a few answers next week to show the differences.