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Alleged Gay Penn State University Gay Beating; Gay Republican Running For Congress Again; Gay Dude Kicked Out of Disneyland

Alleged Gay Penn State University Gay Beating

For those who don’t recall, Penn State is probably most recently remembered as the university connected to a big child sex abuse scandal. Here’s a wiki page where you can read more about that.

Now this allegedly happened:

A 19 year old visiting Pennsylvania State University over the weekend says he told a guy outside a fraternity house that he is gay and then got beaten up.

John Mateer, who attends Queen College, posted photos on Twitter of what appears to be a bruised and bloody face and a bloody hand.

The tweet accompanying the photos read: ‘Don’t let a frat guy know that you’re gay.’
The tweet was shared more than 13,000 times.

Mateer had also tweeted: ‘Got the living sh-t kicked out of me. The brother admitted that he hated gays. Proceeded to kick the sh-t out of me.’

You can check that out in depth here. 

I emphasize the word alleged because I’m curious to see what comes out of this. 

Gay Republican Running For Congress Again

No matter how many times I post about gay Republicans I always find it amazing that so many don’t understand that…or that they expect all gay people to vote, think, and react the same way. I’ve heard the argument from other people that this mind set in itself is a form of passive aggressive homophobia and it promotes the stereotype that all gay men are liberal Democrats. I honestly don’t know that much about it, but I do think it’s something to watch. 

Paul Babeu, the sheriff in Arizona’s Pinal County, is running for a seat in the US House of Representatives again – this time as an openly gay man.

Babeu was outed by an ex-boyfriend during his first bid for a congressional seat in 2012 and eventually dropped out.

‘It’s time to bring that fight directly to Washington,’ Babeu said this week in announcing his bid to represent Arizona’s 1st District. ‘People don’t want to send the same politicians to Washington to get the same failed policies. … They want to send politicians they can trust with change.’

As a gay independent voter who can sway either far left or right at times, I don’t think this is a matter of politics as much as it is tolerance. I think it’s a matter of not discriminating against someone who is different or shares a different POV.  The rest is here.  

Gay Dude Kicked Out Of Disney

A gay guy in short shorts was asked to leave Disneyland unless he put on his pants. There’s a photo of him with the link below. He seems so proud of himself, standing there in his Mickey Mouse hat.

Because he’s a real rebel.

The unofficial event is when thousands of LGBTI patrons visit the park with their families and identify themselves by either wearing red or a football jersey.

Gilét didn’t have a red T-shirt, so he put on a red and white jersey that covered up by shorts.
‘I was certainly wearing more than Ariel,’ he said on his website.

‘Within a few minutes of being inside the park, a member of staff chased us down, before asking “do you have anything on under that top?”

‘So I told her yes, and showed her the shorts I had on underneath. To which she replied, “OK… Because it gives the impression that you have nothing on underneath. Do you have a change of outfit, because if not, security may remove you from the park.”

She added that: ‘It’s just that it’s a family park’.

As I said, there’s a photo of him, here.

I can’t speculate on this one because I have this feeling we’re not getting all the facts. However, if I were to only go by that photo of him wearing that ridiculous outfit, we couldn’t be friends.

There’s a time and place for everything.

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