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Gay Dude Has Sex With A Woman; Loving Your Straight Best Friend; More On Asexuality

Gay Dude Has Sex With A Woman

This article talks about a gay man who had sex with a woman, and he liked it.

“I am gay,” West explains. “I came out when I was 18 and I’ve never hidden it or shied away from it since. But recently, I’ve been struggling with a secret. It happened kind of recently. I was out. I’d had a few drinks and I met a girl I knew at the bar.”

They had a few drinks, shared some laughs, took some selfies, and the next thing West knew it was morning and “we woke up next to each other in bed. Naked.“

You can check out the rest here. I don’t buy a word of it. Unless he’s bisexual or pansexual, something’s not making sense to me. I have never once met a gay man (and I mean gay) who enjoyed having sex with a woman. 

Loving Your Straight Best Friend

This has been happening to gay men since the beginning of time. In fact, I’m discussing this with a closeted gay male reader I know right now. I’m trying hard not to give advice. I’m just listening to him vent. But it’s not easy because I know this is heading nowhere and I can’t just come out and tell him that all at once. 

It’s simple math, really. There are vastly more straight guys out there than gay folk, and feelings do have a way of taking control of the senses. But what should you do if you fall head over heels for a straight friend?
You can check it out here. What’s really kind of sad is when the straight guy knows how the gay guy feels and the straight guy takes advantage of it. Oh, you’d better believe that happens. Straight men love the attention for some reason that’s hard to explain.
The comments are spot on. 
More On Asexuality
Here’s another article that talks about people who identify as asexual. And it’s done with sensitivity and first hand information.

“Asexuality is often portrayed as a joke or juvenile or as a result of another ‘undesirable’ quality in a character,” he says. “As I get older, I also experience a lot of young adults making rude or ill-informed comments about people who might not like sex. I realize that a few ignorant comments aren’t so bad, but they do hurt just a little.”

More here. If you’re like me and you don’t know much about asexuality, I highly suggest reading this in full.  

The comments prove that most still don’t have a clue, and that’s a shame. I’ll admit that I don’t “get” asexuality completely, but I’m not going to judge it, knock it, or joke about. In fact, I’m really seriously thinking about making it the focus of a new book in the future.

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