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RWA, Tolerance and Diversity, Revision to Rules?

For those who recall, in February there was an issue over banning LGBT material in a contest that was being run by RWI, which is a chapter of RWA. I posted about it here, with links. Ultimately, the contest was cancelled abruptly and the passion expressed with regard to the “issue” died down fast. Internet issues like this often have short life spans. There’s an incident, everyone jumps on board with an opinion, and then it’s over three days later never to be discussed again.

Well I’ve been waiting until the end of March to see if anything would happen and if RWA would at least address the issue. I had to search around because I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere, at least it wasn’t mentioned as loudly as it was when the contest banned the LGBT material. I did find something interesting. RRW, Rainbow Romance Writers, did post on March 21st, here.

And in this link, you’ll find even more details that explain the situation in depth. I do know this was a huge move for RWA and I’m not going to express any personal opinions yet. At least it’s progress.

I didn’t see much else out there written or posted anywhere, and I’d like to thank Heidi Cullinan for taking the time to do this. And for taking the time to follow up on something I’m sure most have forgotten about by now. She really did nail it and anything I would write here in addition would only take away from her post…which I totally agree with.

Please check out both links and read about the issue yourselves. It’s nice to see someone so passionate and working so hard with good intentions.