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Gay and Disabled; A Gay Vocal Bottom; Clay Aiken On Anti-Gay Law

Gay and Disabled

It’s kind of a shame someone had to write an article like this in the first place, but I guess so many people can be insensitive it can’t be avoided. It’s a list of things you don’t say to a gay guy who is disabled, especially if you’re hooking up. 

Here’s one:

I’m so sorry! Is your disability curable?

What I want to say: Is your ablest ignorance curable? (OK, credit to my dear friend for that one.)

What I actually mean to say: I actually get asked this quite a bit. While I believe most people’s intentions are good, just… don’t. Please. Asking if my disability is curable is like me asking if your big sexy jawline is curable. It’s not, nor do I wish it were. Next question, please!
It’s really a very well done piece.  

A Gay Vocal Bottom

There is this popular romance book review web site out there that constantly criticizes erotic romance books for the kind of dialogue that’s often used during sex scenes in gay erotic romance. I think every gay erotic romance writer knows…or should know…there is a great deal of humor in sex scenes, however, there’s a huge difference between laughing with the characters and laughing at them. But this particular web site doesn’t “get” gay male romance either. Oh, they’ll straightsplain it, but they really don’t get it.

In any event, here’s a story about a guy who found out he was a gay vocal bottom through his, get this, girlfriend.

I’m not going to excerpt this one because it’s so graphic, but you can check it out here.
Clay Aiken On Anti-Gay Law
I don’t know much about politics or about Clay Aiken, but he seems to be vocal on political issues in the state where he lives, and I thought this was relevant. Ever since gay marriage was legalized by SCOTUS everyone seems to be under the misguided impression there’s nothing else to do for gays. 
So now Clay’s sent out a few tweets about HB2, the North Carolina bill that encourages people to discriminate and basically criminalizes peeing while trans. “Im as pissed abt in NC as anyone. But the number of people who are indignant abt it, yet who didn’t even vote in 2014 is more sickening,” he wrote.
Again, I’m not getting political with this one, but the article puts an unusual spin on Aiken’s statements. And in their misguided quest to prove a point, they wind up sounding as if they have a huge case of socialist butthurt combined with those proverbial sour gay left wing grapes.
You can read the rest here.   The comments are very good with this one. 
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