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E-books vs Print Books; Gay Sex and the Disabled; More Tom Hardy and Sex Question

E-books vs Print Books

I must have been sleeping, because today I just found out that Anne Tyler released a new novel. She writes one about every two years and I’ve read every book she’s ever written several times.

Fifteen years ago when I found out Tyler released a new book I did one of two things. I either went to the library, put the book on reserve, and then waited several weeks for my turn. Or, I drove to a brick and mortal bookshop and bought the book and paid full price for a hard cover copy. That was the best you could do. I was never big on borrowing or lending print books from friends. You never see them again once you lend them out.

Sometimes, if I was lucky, a new Anne Tyler book was part of the Doubleday book of the month club, which meant I could order it at a discounted price.

When I found out today Anne Tyler had released a new book, here’s what I did.

I went to Amazon.

I found the new book in Kindle.

I clicked “order now.”

And the e-book was on my e-reader, iPad, PC, and iPhone within seconds. I can now take the book anywhere and read it at any time.

I didn’t pay $22.00. I paid $12.99.

So those of you who haven’t even tried an e-book, I hope you do know that you don’t need a kindle or any dedicated e-reading device. You can get a free app and have the e-book downloaded right to your PC or laptop. If you want to experiment first, there are plenty of free or .99 e-books from which to choose.

It’s that simple. If you can do Facebook you can read an e-book.

For me, speed, cost, and convenience are the main differences between e-books and print books. I get that book the moment I decide I want it, and usually for much less, and I take my library with me wherever I go.

If I want to smell a print book, I still have plenty left in my old library that I can take down and sniff.

Gay Sex and the Disabled

A cute guy named Ryan O’Connell recently wrote an essay titled, I Wouldn’t Fuck Me: My Life as a Gay and Disabled Man, that talks about being gay and living with cerebral palsy.

Of course, I didn’t strike out all the time. I had my fair share of drunken hook-ups and dated a few guys here and there, but I always stopped things before they got too serious. I stayed celibate partially because no one great wanted to fuck me, but also because I suffered from serious intimacy issues. It was a vicious cycle. I craved physical affection, but the second a guy touched me, I freaked out and felt unworthy.The gay disabled guy does NOT get to have amazing sex, I’d think. The gay disabled guy does NOT get to have a relationship.

It’s a well executed essay, though harsh at times, and because I’m not disabled and I can’t understand what it’s like to be gay and disabled I’m not going to comment. That would be me “mansplaining.”

You can find this here, along with comments. 

There is one comment written by someone else who is disabled that is interesting, though.

More Tom Hardy and Sex Question

So far this is the third, and I hope last, time I’m posting about the gay reporter who asked Tom Hardy a question about sexuality and Hardy shot the reporter down in a very aggressive way.

This time Hardy released his own statement about why he answered the question the way he did. It’ a long rant, it’s nothing profound, and I’m only posting part of it. I’ll post a link below where you can read it in full. 

 I don’t want to discuss my private life with you. I don’t know you! Why would I share that with a billion people? Also, if you felt it was so important for people to feel confident to talk about their sexuality, why would you put somebody on the spot in a room full of people and decide that was the time for them to open up about their sexual ambiguity? There’s also nothing ambiguous about my sexuality, anyway. I know who I am. But what does that have to do with you? And why am I a part of something now that, however legitimate, I haven’t offered my services for?

Oh, poor Tom Hardy. I’m not sure what kind of “services” he’s talking about. That one stumped me.

You can check that out here and see the comments. The comments are actually mixed on this one and I’m not surprised. I’ve known gay men who have been together as a couple for 40 years who introduce themselves in public as father and son…because they don’t want anyone to know about their sexuality. It’s their private lives. Shame. And they aren’t even famous.

It’s really nothing new.

One person said this, and other people attacked him for it.

So in other words, he considers being gay a dirty shameful thing that needs to be hidden.

I have no deep thoughts about Tom Hardy because I’m not even sure who he is.

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