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Gay Defined by Apple Dic; Ricky Martin on Broadway

Gay Defined by Apple Dic

Evidently, the definition of “gay” in the Apple dictionary falls short in both substance and respect with regard to the LGBT community, and a fifteen year old girl with two moms has decided to challege this. It’s a courageous move on her part, it’s embarrassing for Apple, and it’s not something most people know about. But then there’s a lot about Apple most people don’t know.

“At first, I was kind of in disbelief,” Gorman stated, reportedly claiming that she couldn’t find any other dictionary’s definition that framed “gay” within the same context.

You can read the full definition of gay here, along with the rest of the piece.

People also don’t know that Apple is notoriously strict with content, they have been censoring all content for a long time, and if Steve Jobs had had his way (I read this in his bio, too) there would be no adult content associated with anything Apple related. Apple is, and always has been, all about control. Reason number one why I have a PC.

 The iBooks description for Moby Dick censored sperm whale as of April 2010

It always amazes me how many die-hard Apple fans don’t know these things, or the fundamental differences between owning an Apple product and a PC.

Ricky Martin on Broadway

Even though I would rather suffer the fresh hells of water boarding than listen to Broadway show tunes or be forced to sit through a B’way play, I do have a great deal of respect for all music genres and I actually never knew Ricky Martin was a B’way fan.

Yet, the Puerto Rican superstar seemed willing to push himself even further when he revealed how he’d like to make his return to Broadway. While promoting his new children’s series “Santiago the Dreamer” on LIVE with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, the 41-year-old star spoke about his time on “Evita” and when he’s likely to return to the stage.

If this happens, Tony will undoubtedly want to drag me to this because Tony loves B’way, and I’ll need a few good drinks that night. But at least it’s Ricky Martin and not the one millionth revival of West Side Story.  Don’t even ask how I got through THAT night. But I do love Ricky Martin.