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Donald Sterling Gay Allegations

I actually hate posting about things like this because the underlying implication is that because someone is gay and they kept it quiet for personal reasons there’s something wrong with being gay. I think that’s something we need to work on more, and I get tired of reading articles that insinuate there’s something wrong with being gay. In fact, I can’t seem to find a reason to associate gay with shame. Evidently, some still can.

In any event, Donald Sterling’s former assistant, V. Stiviano, stunned people when she made the allegation in court this week that Donald Sterling is gay. In this case, V. Stiviano has been made out to be the femme fatale and she’s denying all the allegations coming in her direction and she’s fighting back by taking it one step further.

“V.S. was D.T.S’s beard for three years prior to the filing of suit,” the answer claimed. “V.S. is informed and believes that (Sterling) is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males.”

The answer said that Shelly Sterling was “acutely aware of his orientation and condoned” his behavior, including his decision to give “gifts, money and other properties” to Stiviano for her public companionship.

Actually, not to be a pedant, but sexual congress (I just learned this) cannot happen between two men, at least not from all the definitions I’ve read about it. Sexual congress isthe act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man’s penis is inserted into the woman’s vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur…” according to most web sites I’ve checked. And how many searches are necessary to get a basic definition? Think coitus. Two men can’t share that either.

Stay tuned for more on Sterling, which I have a feeling will include the famous “I’m not gay and don’t you dare call me that,” or worse, reply…making us all feel as if there’s something wrong with being gay once again. And if he is actually gay, at this stage in his life, wouldn’t it be refreshing to see him just come out and be done with it. No one could hold him hostage anymore.

There’s more here.

Gay star news pubbed something about it here as well.

Gay CNN Richard Quest

In a much more positive piece about openly gay CNN anchor, Richard Quest, it talks about how everything has improved so much for him since he came out. (Too bad Donald Sterling didn’t realize this…if he is gay that is. He could have avoided that train wreck, V. Stiviano.)

 ‘I decided it was time to come out,’ Quest told a crowd on Thursday (21 August) at a gathering of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association in Chicago.

Quest said his ‘worst fears’ about the disclosure hurting his career ‘never materialized’ and believes his work is better now ‘because I’m honest about who I am.’

This is the most interesting thing about coming out that so many closeted gay men never seem to hear. You rarely ever hear a gay man who came out tell you how horrible his life became. It’s usually so much better because all that burden’s been released.

Unfortunately, in Quest’s case he didn’t come out because he wanted to make his life better, at least not consciously. (I don’t believe in accidents). There was an incident in Central Park that involved Quest, a controlled substance, and a rope around Quest’s neck. But he’s handled this well, and I think most gay men can understand and relate to what happened to him when he was in the closet. It’s really the kind of incident only gay men can relate to. And I think he’s even more interesting now that it’s all out in the open.

‘It was a terrible incident in my life which required a total appraisal of my life and huge support from my family. If the ship is sinking, you need help getting off that ship.’

At 52, Quest now appears confident as an openly gay journalist. But he remembers feeling differently in his 20s when he worked for BBC.

Didn’t we all. Getting caught when I wasn’t out was my biggest fear in life. And I knew I was gay from birth.

There’s more here.

FREE Gay Book

As I posted yesterday, Cage James, a new book I released this month, will be up on as a freebie this weekend. It might be free at other web sites, too, but that’s something I don’t completely understand (they do this, not me) and I don’t want to give out the wrong information. As it stands, it will be free on ARe, at this link. It should be free from Friday at midnight until Sunday at midnight. If there are any issues, let me know. You can also click the cover photo to get there as well.

This book is also a little different than what I normally write. It’s not a western, and but it is a love story with some mystery/suspense. The guy on the cover looks almost identical to the main character and I couldn’t believe it when the cover artist showed it to me. That doesn’t happen often. And there’s a reason why he’s wearing flip flops. It’s actually a big part of the story.
  The Sheriff and the Outlaw
by Ryan Field