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Religion & Gay Hate; Daniel Radcliff on Michael Sam; AIDS Film & Gay Dancers

Religion & Gay Hate

A guy named Victor Sadet allegedly followed a group of gay men out of a restaurant and started shouting hateful slurs at them. But more than that, he quoted from the bible and then said that his deep religious beliefs led him to behave this way. He felt he was right doing what he did.

Calling Tweedie a “f*cking fa**ot”, the holy roller was certain to clarify that the book of Leviticus called for Tweedie’s death. The man was later interviewed by WILX 10 News and confirmed that it was indeed his religious principles that drove him to act like an utter lunatic.

There’s more here, with a video.

I don’t think I’ll ever live long enough to understand this kind of hate coming from so-called religious people who claim to be acting in the name of their respective religions. If you look at this all from a logical POV, one thing completely cancels out the other.

My only other comment is that it’s a good thing he didn’t pull this act on another type of gay man. I think if he’d pulled something like this on me, or even on Tony, he would have been left standing in that parking lot in tears. And, he never would have done something like that to a gay person again.

Daniel Radcliff on Michael Sam

I recently read something J.K. Rowling did that was very generous. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I always find that like Rowling, Daniel Radcliff from the Harry Potter films always does or says the right things. In this case, he’s commenting on how much he admires Michael Sam, the NFL player who recently came out in public and literally changed the landscape for all gay athletes.

Radcliffe is impressed with how Sam has handled the scrutiny and being one of the last picks.

‘I think he’s amazing, frankly. In interviews, at no point does he allow himself to be portrayed as a victim or someone who deserves extra sympathy. He’s brilliant at shutting that down. I think everybody else just hopes he does fucking brilliantly this year, and that there’s [going to be] a list of quarterbacks who got sacked by a gay defensive end.’

He makes more comments here. He’s evidently a fan of the sport, too. Take note, James Franco, this is how you act and react the right way. I never see anyone in the press going after Radcliff.

AIDS Film & Gay Dancers

This is an interesting link because it’s about a film that deals with AIDS, but it’s not a depressing film. The title of the film is Test and it’s about professional dancers dealing with AIDS. Director Chris Mason Johnson claims the film is uplifting and it’s not something we would normally expect from a film about AIDS. He talks about how difficult it’s been to market a film like this to the mainstream because they expect depressing when it’s related to AIDS. But I think I like this comment he makes the most…more than any other comment I’ve read in a long time because I’m always talking about this here on the blog, and it falls mostly on deaf ears.

 ‘I think one of the things we like about TEST is because the characters are gay but they’re not stereotypes.

 ‘I think we’ve made a huge amount of progress but I think there’s still one way the mainstream is comfortable with gay people being portrayed and that’s the clown and the court jester and I’m kind of tired of that.

 ‘I do think it’s easier to cast a straight actor in a gay role. It becomes a badge of honour, it gives them status. Ultimately, Johnson wants Test to speak for itself.

I’m tired of it, too. I think most of us are tired of it. Though I’ve never used the terms clown and court jester, I’m tired of the way they treat us like pet poodles. Either that, or as if we’re lab rats put on this earth to be picked and examined to see how we work.

There was a discussion about this last week on social media and one person made the comment that he/she thinks he/she doesn’t have to be gay to understand what it is to be gay. Interesting.

You can read the rest here.

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