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Chelsea Manning Pardon; Young Catholic Priest’s Grindr Addiction; Video About Circuit Queens

Chelsea Manning Pardon

For as long as I can remember, when Presidents leave office they pardon people, and this topic has been making news all week with President Obama.

Various outlets are reporting that Chelsea Manning’s sentence has just been commuted by President Obama.

The former Army intelligence officer was incarcerated in 2010 after stealing roughly 700,000 military dossiers and diplomatic cables and turning them over to Wikileaks.

The rest is here. There is a quote from Manning, and it sounds honest, and she’s had a rough time dealing with her gender dysphoria while incarcerated.

Young Catholic Priest’s Grindr Addiction

Even though it won’t come as a shock to anyone that priests can be gay, this kind of news continues to happen in the church. But this story does have a twist.

A young priest in training hooked up with an older guy on Grindr…

It’s unclear whether the men were planning on having sexual relations, or just staying up late giggling and talking about boys, but at some point in the evening the man says he awoke to find Byrne performing unwanted sex acts on him. Afterwards, the victim contacted Archbishop Diarmuid Martin about Byrne.

“I believe this young man is not suitable for priesthood,” he tells the paper, adding that he worries the young cleric, who recently took a vow of celibacy, “may do this (sexual assault) again in the future.”

You can read the rest here. To be honest, after finding out that I was close friends with two very high powered bishops in the Catholic church after years of listening to them lie about who they were, nothing shocks me anymore. I’m going to have to rewrite that story because I can’t find where I placed it on the blog. I’d link to it if I could. It’s a true story of how I was duped by two Catholic bishops pretending to be an older gay couple who were living double lives right here in New Hope. In fact, they duped the entire community, and got away with it.

Video About Circuit Queens

This is kind of a nasty video and not something I would ever take seriously. In fact, I thought it would never end. It’s some guy I never heard of joking around about circuit queens not eating and having good bodies. And it’s confusing to me because I always thought the term circuit queen was a reference to older guys. I did a search and didn’t come up with much else. In fact, and older post of mine about circuit queens showed up on google.

In any event, they are referring to “circuit queens” in the video.

The epic four-and-a-half minute faux-torch song — complete with heavily AutoTuned lead vocals, increasingly filthy lyrics, and plaintive piano arpeggios calling to mind baleful performance artists stridently waving streamers — is an instant classic to our ears, and the video more than does it justice.

I’m not a circuit queen and I haven’t had bread (or carbs) in years. I work out every morning. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone. And I don’t take tons of selfies because I’m a writer, not a celebrity. I just like being in shape and feeling good. If someone doesn’t care about those things, that’s fine, too. Good for them. I couldn’t care less. But I’m not going to judge or shame them or make unfunny jokes about them either.

You can check this one out here. The comments vary. I’m just not a big fan of looks shaming anyone.

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