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Gay Christmas Etsy; Gay On Christmas and Issues; Best Gay Holiday Events In NYC

Gay Christmas Etsy

If you’re looking for any belated Gay Christmas gifts here’s a good link. I wish I’d seen this one sooner. I would have shared it earlier this month.

Unless you go to a town or city like Provincetown, MA, or Palm Springs, CA, it’s hard to find gay oriented gifts. Mainstream retail establishments simply don’t carry anything LGBTQ related. At least from what I’ve seen.

Gay On Christmas Issues

I post about something like this at least once or twice a year. It’s an issue for so many LGBTQ people because the holidays are anything but fun.

For too many LGBTQ people, Christmas is not a “merry” time. They’re forced into silence by families who don’t or wouldn’t accept them, ostracized, or even spending the holiday alone.
Tom Goss’s “Gay Christmas”, inspired by his own decision to not go home for the holidays, follows five people feeling alienated during this time, but who ultimately find strength in each other, but find their own family in each other.
There’s more here.  I actually know a few stories this year that I can’t talk about for privacy reasons. But it involves younger gay people and dealing with families. 
Best Gay Holiday Events In NYC
Here’s a link to events that are holiday/Christmas related in New York City. I actually haven’t done many of these things in a while because it’s been too busy. And it’s interesting, because when you only live an hour from NY you rarely ever do things like this. But just being in the city this time of year is such a great experience that you take the rest of it all for granted. 
There’s plenty to do for Christmas in NYC this year, but for those looking to make the yuletide extra gay, we’ve got the best burlesque shows, comedy events and LGBTQ parties from your favorite NYC drag queens, performers and queer nightlife icons.
Here’s the link. There’s another link there, with a full guide, too. I like it. I used to spend New Year’s Eve in NYC every year and loved it. You’d be surprised at how different it is compared to what you see on TV. They only show the most crowded sections on TV, but the rest of the city is mostly nice and quiet. 

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