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Whoopi on Cosby; Waldron Mercy Catholic School Gets Support for Firing Gay Teacher; Jane Lynch on Gay Closeted Hollywood

Whoopi on Cosby

There was a piece that aired on John Oliver’s Sunday night show on HBO about how Whoopi Goldberg always seems to defend “notorious” celebrities. In the video, there’s a clip of her making a comment that went like this…”I don’t believe it was rape, rape.” I’m not sure what that means. There are two kinds of rape?

In any event, this is how Whoopi indirectly replied to the criticism:

On The View on Monday, an emotional Goldberg indirectly referenced the criticism while speaking about her brother, who died two months ago.

Goldberg said: “If I don’t get onboard with a lot of stuff that is upsetting people, understand that my real life is much more upsetting than stuff that is happening outside.”

I’m not questioning anyone’s motives, and I fully understand how things in our personal lives change our levels of interest in public hot button topics. A year ago if you’d asked me to comment on something other than what was happening with my family I would have told you to get bent. 

There’s more here, with something about how Cosby’s wife is still supporting him even though court documents are now surfacing about all this “alleged” sex abuse.

Waldron Mercy Catholic School Gets Support for Firing Gay Teacher

The grand Archbishop Charles J. Chaput is supporting the decision made to fire a lesbian school teacher at a private suburban Philadelphia parochial school, Waldron Mercy. He thinks it showed “character and common sense.” I think I might have to write that book about the gay priests I’ve known who live double lives.

“There’s nothing complicated or controversial in this. It’s a simple matter of honesty.

Oh, honesty...because the church is always focused on honesty.

“I’m very grateful to the Religious Sisters of Mercy and to the principal and board members of Waldron Mercy for taking the steps to ensure that the Catholic faith is presented in a way fully in accord with the teaching of the Church. They’ve shown character and common sense at a moment when both seem to be uncommon.”

The main reason this has sparked such huge controversy is that the parents of the kids attending the school have been outraged by this decision. The problem is simple. I went to 12 of Catholic school and I’ve seen it an heard it all before. There’s nothing American or democratic about the Catholic religion or Catholic schools. You are taught church doctrine, you are taught to think the way the church wants you to think, you’re never allowed an opinion of your own, and if there are gays in the church they are supposed to hide in shame and lurk in shadows.  That’s about as honest as it gets.

You can read more here. There’s a photo of Chaput here. 
Whenever I see something along these lines I’m even more tempted to write that book about the two gay bishops I once knew who lived as a “married” couple in New Hope part time, and then lived as conservative Catholic priests the rest of the time. Oh, and they had a gay guy about thirty years younger living with them…their own cute little twink. The only reason I found out about them was that they’d listed their house for sale and their real names popped in public records. You can imagine my shock when I saw the photo of them in full Catholic drag saying mass. I could link to the photos now, but I really don’t believe in doing that, or outing people. I’m just trying to point out that Chaput should be more worried about what’s going in behind everyone’s back within the church instead of going after a poor innocent woman who did nothing to hurt anyone, ever.  
Jane Lynch on Gay Closeted Hollywood
This is interesting, because Jane Lynch who is an openly gay celebrity says she never had a coming out moment. I get that because I never did. I never hid who I was, and yet I never had that moment where I said, “I’m gay.” 
“I’m an actor and when people started taking an interest in me, where they wanted to write about me, I didn’t say I wasn’t gay, so — I never had that,” she said in an interview on SiriusXM Progress. “And I have to give kudos to people like Melissa Etheridge and k.d lang and Ellen Degeneres and Rosie O’Donnell, all of those people who came before and at the height of their career, when they had a lot to lose, stood up and said this is who I am. And the world kind of went [gasps]…and then, nothing happened. That was really great and they kind of cleared a path for me to just stroll down.”
I know this might sound weak on my part, but I really do believe some things can’t be pushed. As long as a closeted gay person doesn’t slam openly gay people, I’m not willing to demand they come out of the closet for the sake of everyone else. I’d like to see them come out for themselves. But I do realize that people have to make a living, and whether it’s Hollywood or the corporate exec, it’s not always possible to come out and remain viable. The discrimination is still there in all professions…even in book publishing. I can’t even talk about most of what I know for fear of outing someone in publishing.
There’s more about Lynch and her new TV show. She says it well here. This is why I wouldn’t write that book about the gay Catholic priests I’ve known living double lives.
For me to make a broad statement — it’s like outing people. I think that was a horrible thing. You might be dealing with a very fragile part of someone’s psyche. So I think everybody has to go their own path…That’s ridiculous, in this day and age, if somebody’s telling somebody not to [come out].”

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