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Yes Virginia There Are Gay Christians; Boosie Badazz and Cartoons Making Kids Gay; Bottom Shame, Asians, and Stereotypes

Yes Virginia There Are Gay Christians

I see a lot of nonsense during the course of any day. But one of the things I see most often is when someone claiming to be Christian tells us how they accept “gays” but they don’t like “gays” using the word marriage…because of the Christian aspects associated with marriage. And they never once take into consideration that there are, indeed, gay Christians. It doesn’t even cross their radar. When they think of gay people they think of pride floats and discos…or whatever gay stereotype they’ve been told by Hollywood and publishing.

Well this is interesting, and it might help break some of the stereotypes:, an online dating service for Christian singles, must start allowing people to seek out same-sex relationships under a judge-approved settlement.

ChristianMingle only required new users to specify whether they’re a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. Two gay men filed class-actions claims against the site’s owner, California-based Spark Networks Inc., claiming that the site’s limited options violated California’s anti-discrimination law, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Here’s the rest

Boosie Badazz and Cartoons Making Kids Gay

A rapper named Boosie Badazz…yes, that’s his name…made comments about kids watching cartoons with gay characters because he’s worried those cartoons might make kids gay.

“They’re putting it everywhere,” he continued. “Gay stuff is everywhere. … You got cartoons that have gays. On cartoons! These are kids. Let kids make their own decision if they wanna go that way. Six- and seven-year-old, five-year-old, shouldn’t be turned onto gay cartoons when their mind not even developed yet. What if they like how that cartoon talk? Now, you’re forcing them to be gay. Every TV show has gays. They’re kissing each other. It’s out of hand.”

You can read the rest here. He sounds about as intelligent as his name, and the way he speaks. And don’t tell me I’m not the only one thinking that. That’s a direct quote, above. I’m just the only one admitting it aloud. The man’s first name is Boosie Badazz.

However, it is a very good article that mentions more inclusion and visibility.

Bottom Shame, Asians, and Stereotypes

Here’s another one of those issues some gay men seem to be facing on Grindr…and I’m assuming everywhere. 

The article talks about Asian stereotypes within the gay community, and bottom shaming. Hoang Tan Nguyen wrote a book titled A View From the Bottom.

The popular stereotype is that gay Asian men are effeminate, passive bottoms. This even applies to the young, muscular guys in bars or online. They are not perceived as “hunks” the way that white guys might be. I think the impression in many gay men’s minds is that though they appear butch, at the end of the night, these Asian studs will lie back, throw their legs in the air, and beg to be fucked. One of the key arguments of my book is that while gay Asian men are associated with the bottom position, there is nothing wrong with being bottom per se. What is troubling is the idea that Asian men’s sexual desire is restricted to that one position.

More here.

It’s hard for me to comment on this one because I never thought this way. It never even occurred to me to think this way. But I’m not doubting him either, and I have heard campy pejoratives used in reference to gay Asian men that I’m not going to repeat here in this post.



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