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Bullies Who Turned Gay; Rage Over Dick Pic; Jamie Dornan’s Nude Photos

Bullies Who Turned Gay

Here’s an article about people who were homophobic bullies before they realized they were gay. It also discusses how different things were for previous generations of LGBT people, and how differently we grew up from the generation of teens we’re seeing right now.

Here’s one person’s reply:

I mean, I was a young kid, so growing up around other kids in a conservative area (in spite of my pretty liberal parents) I called things I didn’t like “gay,” and people I didn’t like “fags.” I knew being gay meant you were girly and prissy and feminine and deserved to be made fun of.

I didn’t really understand what I was saying, it’s just sort of something you grow up being told about, and you’re told that it’s bad and people who are gay all act a certain way, you know, the typical shit with teenage boys.

You can read the rest here. Frankly, and this might be thanks to my parents, I never did this bullying growing up and I never used homophobic words like that. But I knew people who did.

Rage Over Dick Pic

This is about as Facebook as it gets. A drunk pregnant woman allegedly flew into a rage when she saw her husband looking at a big penis on the computer. The drunk accused him of being gay, punched him, bit him, and threatened him with a knife.

The picture was sent to Scherzo as a joke by a friend of his who happened to be gay. The two men were chatting online. When Hamer saw the photo, prosectors say she “went mad.”

“She started calling him gay and wouldn’t let it go, although he told her it was just a joke,” prosecuting attorney Enza Geldard told a Pennines court this week.

Hamer’s lawyer, Kamran Yousaf, said his client’s behavior was fueled by alcohol and, possibly, pregnancy hormones.

“Clearly, she was aggrieved when she saw that image on the computer and confronted him,” Yousaf said. “She acted wrongly. She shouldn’t have done what she did.”

You can read the rest here. All I’m saying on this topic is that you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a jealous berserk woman who thinks a gay man might be stealing her husband away. Or even her boyfriend. It’s absolutely vicious and these women react aggressively. I know this because it’s happened to me.

Jamie Dornan’s Nude Photos

In case you don’t know, Jamie Dornan was the lead in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The film that critics and people with good taste love to hate pushed him into the spotlight almost overnight and now nude photos of him when he was younger have surfaced.

 Before he was pretending to be a dom top or a serial killer or a sheriff in a magical land, the rather gorgeous Jamie Dornan was doing what all fresh-faced 21-year-olds dreamed of in the early 2000’s — gracing the pages of the pansexual Abercrombie and Fitch quarterly catalog.

I wouldn’t get too excited, though. The nude photos of him are as thrilling as the sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey and if you’re looking for something interesting you’re better off going to Twitter for male nudes. 

You can see them here.   

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