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British Spy Outed By Wife; Rock Stars In Their Undies; 10 Sexiest Men In Underwear Movie Scenes

British Spy Outed By Wife

Gay news isn’t the novelty it once was, which is understandable, but there are still a lot of fascinating gay stories happening all the time. Like this one…

Hell hath no fury like a military wife scorned.

The spouse of a high-ranking British spy is pissed after learning her husband has been sneaking around with other men behind her back.

“When I found out what he had been doing my world fell apart,” the woman testified before a military divorce court last week.

Here’s the rest.  Now, that’s not surprising in a literal sense. But it is surprising that these stories are starting to surface in public more and more these days.

Rock Stars In Their Undies

In 1980 a photo book by Paula Yates was released that focused on rock stars in their underwear. It was titled, Rock Stars In Their Underpants.

Andy Warhol said this about it…

He dubbed it “the greatest work of art in the last decade,” and whether or not he was joking, Yates’ collection does offer an unguarded glimpse at the more vulnerable sides of some rock icons.

You can check out some of the photos here.

I think this proves that in some cases some people look better in clothes. But there is an artistic camp value to it.

Ten Sexiest Men In Underwear Scenes

Here’s a link that’s focused on the ten sexiest films scenes with men in underwear.

In honor of the cinematic sausage fest of the year, BlackBook looks back on 10 times boys in briefs stole the show. Feel free to bookmark this one and watch it over and over.

You can check them out here. One of them is Tom Cruise from the Risky Business scene where he’s dancing around in his underwear. I personally think that one is as hot today as it was back when the movie was first released.

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