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Bad News For Bottoms; Gay Bottom vs. Bottom; Gay Porn Reality TV; Don’t Pee on His Floor

Bad News For Bottoms

I try to take these things seriously, but the tone of the article is so light it’s not always easy.

There was a study done in Canada with men who are straight and men who are gay. And in their findings they discovered that gay men who bottom are more likely to get prostate cancer. But you have to have slept with more than 20 different men, and bottomed, each time.(I guess that also means you should be keeping track????)

Parent’s team found that guys who have sex with more than 20 male partners doubled their risk of prostate cancer. And their risk of getting a non-aggressive cancer was five times more likely.

How come?

Parent has no idea.

But Dr. David Samadi, chairman of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, thinks he knows why. According to Health Daily, Samadi speculated that it could be due to more risky sexual behaviors among gay men, or because of physical trauma to the prostate gland.

It says nothing about guys who only bottom who are married or in long term monogamous relationships. Maybe the assumption is they aren’t getting it as much with the same top/husband? You know, marriage tends to do that to couples, gay or straight, at various times (it’s normal). But even still, I would imagine it would all balance out in the end, so to speak. Same guy vs. more than twenty on a fairly regular basis?

In any event, there’s more here. And I highly suggest reading the comments. I love this one:

First off I’m just stating a fact,I don’t like getting topped,second I only top if my partner wants me too.

I guess he made his point clear. 

Gay Bottom vs. Bottom

On another note, speaking of bottoms, I like to revisit this topic every so often. And here’s a thread at Data Lounge where this question is asked:

“What happens when a bottom dates a bottom and a top dates a top?”

I would imagine the answer to both would be nothing all that earth-shattering…at least for the most part. I think this topic is always highly underestimated and overlooked with gay men when they are dating because it can be such an awkward topic in the beginning. And sometimes shocking. You’re with this hot guy, he’s the masculine man of your dreams and looks just like a football player, and then you start making out and his legs go up. Not fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution because all circumstances with all gay men/couples are different. Always different just like straight couples. If you really care about a guy you’ll figure it out one way or the other.

But the comment thread is interesting. Here’s one:

Most often Bottoms find out that their date was not actually versatile, but another lying bottom, so they gossip.\ \ Tops dating each other, is an internal problem. Tops should look for Bottoms like Cake looks for Icing. Some Tops don’t want the Femme Bottoms and that is an internal conflict. The mentally healthy top, quite enjoys Femme Bottoms and like wise.

That’s right…like cake looks for icing!!!!

Gay Porn Reality TV

In full disclosure, I didn’t even know there was such a thing until a short time ago…gay porn reality TV. Evidently, there is and there are at least five gay porn reality TV shows.

Talk of the long-awaited Broke Straight Boys TV show has taken hold of the gay porn industry again this week as the reality-inspired gay porn series gets its first trailer treatment in nearly a year.

The show that was originally peddled as a crossover reality show that followed the lives of several heterosexual gay-for-pay porn models dealing with the effect the gay porn industry had on their lives and relationships.
You can read more here, where there’s a list of the five best (and worst) gay porn reality shows. One of which happens to be titled,  “So You Think You Can Fuck.” Now there’s some reality for you.
Don’t Pee On His Floor

It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. No one I know has a stress-free life. So I like to post about things that lean toward the ridiculous sometimes. And this is one of them. A gay florist in Atlanta is now speaking up because he’s tired of people peeing on his floor. 

The incident happened at East Point Flower Cottage on Main located in the East Point neighborhood of Atlanta. Ramey has been a business owner in the area for more than 25 years.

“She was saying she needed a restroom right now and she didn’t make it,” Ramey told local news station WSB. “I mean, it was right in my showroom floor. It was very humiliating for her. I felt really bad for her.”

I wonder if he made her clean it up. In any event, a lot of this is because a nearby bus station closed up the rest rooms and people don’t know where else to go…literally.

It’s actually a very interesting article that goes on to discuss a gay bar he owns and what happened there in 2009 with a police raid that was eventually ruled illegal.

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