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Your First Gay Date; Naked Men Bathing Calendar; Uganda Pride March

Your First Gay Date

I’m actually becoming a fan of these sometimes silly things. They do them about once a week and the replies are always interesting. This time they’ve created memes that answer the question: Was your first gay date heartwarming or horrific?

Here’s one:

I’m finally about to go on my first gay date. Here’s to me accepting who I am.

I remember most first dates as nice…not exactly heartwarming or horrific. Just nice. Of course I’m talking about dates prior to meeting Tony. I was “married” young. So I didn’t “date” much in the classic sense. Back then, in the 90’s, dating for gay men who lived in New Jersey was more like the song “Getting to Know You” in the backseat of a Chrysler LaBaron. In other words, we didn’t hold hands at the movies. It was much more discreet for most of us and I would imagine it’s still that way for most gay men today.

But it’s nice to see things are changing, too. More here. Some really are horrific. One guy overheard his date refer to him as a “whale.” Which was mean, yes, but I hope that guy passed on pizza and donuts and started eating a few salads after that. The statue of David was created years and years before the PC crowd started complaining about body image. And if you notice the statue of David doesn’t have man boobs and a spare tire.

Naked Men Bathing Calendar

It seems awfully soon for the all things penis calendar crowd to start hocking us for 2016, however, here’s one with great looking guys bathing that’s a little different. 

Here’s our first look forward at marking your therapy appointments with Project Soaked — 14 gorgeous half-dressed men getting soaked to raise money for prostate cancer research.

The best thing about these calendars are the causes are always worthwhile.

You can see them here.  

Uganda Pride March

Articles like this always make me stop and think about what life in other countries must be like for gay people. And there are gay people everywhere, in every single part of the world. They don’t have it easy.

In a country that not long ago seriously considered legislation mandating death for “aggravated homosexuality,” a few dozen Ugandans gathered to celebrate LGBT Pride.

The week’s Pride celebration culminated on Saturday at a secluded beach on Lake Victoria, 70 miles from the capital of Kampala. Pictures show the group enjoying themselves, though Reuters reports many were very aware of the need to hold the event far from major population centers in Uganda.

There’s more to read here. There’s also a photo that will make you stop and think, too, when you see the expressions of true pride on their faces. This isn’t just a commercial venture to help boost business in heavily gay populated US towns that’s exploited by gay and straight alike. This is REAL pride and they aren’t taking anything for granted. If I had a bucket list, that’s the kind of Pride March I’d like to experience just once in my life.

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