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Liberals Who Support Donald Trump; Gay Bathhouse Experiences; Ending a Toxic Friendship; Strong Gay Story Line in Loving Daylight

Liberals Who Support Donald Trump

This is from a gay press. If it hadn’t been I probably wouldn’t have posted about it. I have to admit that I don’t totally get this, so I can’t really comment on it. This is not the first time I’ve heard about gay liberals supporting Donald Trump. And they all voted for Obama in the previous elections. I know a few, personally, and they’ve told me this face to face. 

As I turn 29 this year, this will be the third presidential election I vote in, and yet another in countless elections for senate, representative, and local positions. What makes this race stand out is that it will be the first time I vote for a republican.

For the longest time I steered clear of the GOP because they have become the party of the Bible and of legislating morals. The party could not stop talking about private matters they should leave alone (religion, abortion, sexuality, marriage, adoption, so on and so forth). It was rare to find a GOP member who wasn’t explicitly bought by and pandering to the evangelical vote. Even the ones who weren’t always talking about it would simply default to “I support the party” when asked. Nobody was talking about the economy, the constant chaos in the Middle East, or anything else that mattered. As a gay atheist, I grew tired of hearing from the party that opposed my existence. Every election I voted in, I voted straight democrat (with an independent exception here and there).

You can read it all here.  

The comments, surprisingly, seem varied with this one. I’m not the most political person, and I often joke about politics, however, I find the climate change in politics, in general, interesting. 

Gay Bathhouse Experiences

I’ve never been to a bathhouse, so I would imagine I’m just like a lot of people reading this blog post.

There are as many ways to consider the gay bathhouse as there are potential experiences to have within one.

In some places, they’re social hubs — a place to meet new friends, relax, and play safe.

The U.S. is a bit more sexually repressed, though — here you’re likely to find that dark, hypersexualized anonymous scenario.

Love ’em or hate ’em, here’s what guys on Whisper are saying about their experiences — anything you’d add?

This is followed by a series of memes, with bathhouse experience quotes, you can check out here.

Because I’ve never been to one I can’t add anything…other than they’re interesting. From what I gather, bathhouses were a huge part of gay culture before the AIDS crisis. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one called a “bathhouse.” Most of the time they are referred to as gyms or something else of that nature.

Ending a Toxic Friendship

This is another humor piece by Sam Kalidi.

Each week online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi creates a comedic post for Queerty readers. This week he turns to late screen legend Bette Davis for some advice on cutting the cord on a toxic friendship. You can find him on TwitterFacebook,Instagram and at your local glory hole.

You can check out the video here.  I thought it was funny. But you have been warned. If you follow Kalidi on social media and you check your Twitter while you’re waiting in line at CVS, you might wind up laughing out loud and people will stare at you.

Strong Gay Storyline in Loving Daylight

This book is not classified in the gay section because that’s how these things work online. It was originally a book I was contracted to write a few years ago for a romance collection that was sold nationwide on The Home Shopping Network. It did well on HSN, however, I haven’t spent much time promoting it anywhere.

This year the rights were reverted back to me and I re-released it as an indie book. I like it and I didn’t want it to just disappear. It’s a sexy book, but it’s also PG-rated. It’s considered a contemporary romance because the two main characters are hetero, however, there is a very strong gay story line in the subplot. At the time, I did that on purpose and I think most readers liked it…at least from the feedback I’ve received.

You can check that out here, on Amazon and other places where e-books are sold, where I priced it at $2.99. It’s a full length e-book with 60,000 words and I think there are a few copies in print going around somewhere. I also think this book might resonate with women as well as gay men because the main female character is a strong woman with a few fundamental flaws.