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Guys in Sweat Pants; Anthony Romero; "Queer" Book Bashing at Barnes & Noble

I like to post as much LGBT content here as I can, and a new web site that’s about to be launched called “Guys in Sweat Pants,” is something I’ve been following for a while on social media.

From what I gather, Anthony Romero, someone I’ve posted about before, is part of this site and I became a fan of his writing through a reader of mine. I’m hoping we see more of his writing in the future.

Right now you can check it out on tumblr, here. And follow them at Twitter with the address below.

All these guys will be on the site when we officially launch on Feb 7th (@guysnsweatpants)

You can also check out the main web site that will be launched here on February 7, 2012.

For those who might be faint of heart…or underage…this is adult content and you have been warned. From what I’ve seen it’s mostly explicit photos of men, as they say, in sweat pants.

Gay Book Gets Bashed by Barnes & Noble Reviewer

I hesitated to post about this for several reasons. One, I’ve always boasted about how superior the book reviews seem to be over at Barnes & Noble, and I’ve never actually had this problem with them myself…with my own books. I guess I can forget about that now.

Two, I don’t know this author and I know nothing about the book and I don’t like posting anything about anyone without a little knowledge. But I read about this on facebook and checked out the links before I actually decided to post about it.

Three, I don’t like it when authors complain about book reviews, at least not in a general sense. And sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between what is a valid complaint and what is not. In this case, I think it’s valid and the review should be removed. It’s not just a slur on the author or book, it’s a slur on the entire LGBT community as a whole. Any gay person who does not take offense to this would make me wonder.

And four, because this gay bashing book review only reinforces how much I despise the word “queer” and will never, ever embrace it in my own life. To me, it’s as offensive as the N word. As you can see the way this review was worded, the reviewer seemed to take pride in using the word “queer.” And words are powerful.

Here’s the one star gay bashing review, and here’s a link to Barnes & Noble where you can see it yourself:

Minus stars. I wish bn would put these disgusting, nasty queer books in place where normal decent ppl wont be offended by them when they are shopping.

So now normal decent people leave hateful reviews. I didn’t know that was normal or decent.

In any event, I think this qualifies as gay bashing, and it does NOT qualify as a book review. There’s nothing even remotely mentioned about the book. Just one star and a vicious comment about all books with gay material. But more than that, the review has been up since last September and from what I’ve gathered on social media the author has been asking Barnes & Noble to remove it because it is gay bashing. Evidently, Barnes & Noble doesn’t seem to agree, because the review is still up there.

This really isn’t something new. I’ve had people accuse me of promoting the “gay agenda” in reviews and I never even gave that a second thought. Because guess what? You’re damn right. I am promoting the gay agenda. And I’m going to keep promoting it for as long as I have a right to free speech.