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Gay Baby Fever; Banned From Best Friend’s Wedding Because He’s Gay; HIV Divides Gay Men

Gay Baby Fever

Here’s one of those meme things again. This time gay men give quotes on how they feel about babies.

What’s the tingly sensation that comes on when you Facetime with your siblings and their adorable kids? Is it baby fever, or are you just hungry for a quesadilla?

Count us squarely in the quesadilla camp as of now, but who knows — things change.

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Banned From Best Friend’s Wedding Because He’s Gay

Here’s a story about a young guy who wasn’t allowed to attend his best friend’s wedding because he’s gay. And the way he was told will stun you.

“His parents are saying they won’t come to the wedding if you are in it,” she finally confessed. “You know his parents, they are just super conservative and don’t understand. But obviously you know we love you and…” 

Here’s the rest. Poor guy. I don’t think I would have even bothered to go to that wedding after hearing that. I’ve reached that point in my life where I don’t put up with that anymore. I would have dropped that friend, too. In any event, it’s a sad story, but a good one to read just so you now this kind of thing is still happening. 

HIV Divides Gay Men

I’ve seen the walls of division myself with gay men. One friend I know was diagnosed with HIV and several of his best friends (people that I know, too) dropped him completely without even giving him an explanation. And these so-called gay friends of his who dropped him are the first ones to stand up and tell you how political they are, and how much they do for HIV charities. When, in fact, they had no time for a friend with HIV. And I honestly never understood anything about this.  

In a cramped meeting room in New York City, a dozen gay men, HIV positive and negative alike, came together to answer a vexing question: How do gay men bridge a divide that has been forged through decades of HIV stigma, distrust, and mutual blame? Or, at the very least, what might be done to start a conversation about the divide and begin to heal the wounds?

You can read more here. 

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