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Penis Size and Gay Men; Joan Rivers Goes Too Far? More Gays Than Lesbians; Down the Basement by Ryan Field

Penis Size and Gay Men

Of course this is about penis size once again, and it’s not really an article. But I often find that forums where people talk about topics like this can be far more honest and realistic than those “studies” we see mentioned in magazines and posts.

In this case the topic is how gay men feel about penis size. If you are of the sensitive variety, you’ve been warned this isn’t what you’ll find in any text book.

Why would anyone want a small one?\ \ I hate seeing a pencil dick or tiny little thing and thinking, yuck. Especially when you’re expecting a good one.\ \ Aesthetic yes…just looking at one of those monsters gets my mouth a’waterin.

But to be perfectly honest, I don’t think any of these things (the studies or the forums) are very accurate. Every single comment could be disputed. Deep down would most people be willing to admit, openly, they would prefer a small penis over a large one? I’m not talking about those with specific preferences. I’m talking about the millions out there on Grindr and social networks and porn sites. 

You can read more here. None of the opinions on this link reflect my personal opinions. 

Joan Rivers Goes Too Far?

Update: Link to Fredricka Whitfield’s Facebook page where people have been leaving comments about Whitfield’s interview with Rivers. It’s interesting because most seem to be one-sided.

Update 2: Evidently, Joan Rivers used the “tranny” word, which I’ve posted about many times before. This wasn’t in the original link or I would have mentioned it. I don’t use the T word, but many still do. They feel it’s part of their culture. But I still don’t think referring to anyone as gay or trans should be considered a slur and I think we should all rethink that. This isn’t about Joan Rivers or Michelle Obama or even a word. This is about trans abuse, much of which seems to be coming from the LGBTI community.

Iconic performer, Joan Rivers, made headlines twice recently. She was promoting her new book with a snarky CNN reporter, Fredricka Whitfield, and stormed off the set in the middle of the interview, and then when she made interesting comments about the President and his wife.

I have some very strong opinions on this I’ll post at the end.

CNN’s Fredericka Whitfield goaded Rivers during an interview that was supposed to be about her new book with questions about how mean Rivers is on Fashion Police. 

When the anchor described the fashion critiques as “very mean in some ways,” the 81-year-old cut her off.

“It’s not mean, it’s not mean, it’s not mean,” she said. “I tell the truth.”

“I’m sure I say the same things that all your viewers say to their friends sitting next to them on the couch,” Rivers added.

“We’re one of the few shows that says ‘that’s an ugly dress.’ … These ladies make $28 million a picture. You really think that Nicki Minaj cares I didn’t like her dress?”

You can read more here about that.   Frankly, that PC attitude of all CNN reporters is why I haven’t watched CNN since they gave Joy Behar her own TV show. I still won’t watch CNN even though Behar’s show was canceled for lack of ratings.

Even more interesting is this next piece about Rivers commenting on the President and his wife.

The comedian known for her lack of self-censoring recently officiated a same-sex wedding and was asked by a photographer if she believed the United States would ever see the first gay or female president. Her response was typical Rivers.

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” she said. “You know Michelle (Obama) is a trans.”

This didn’t sit well with many people. Here’s my issue.

So Joan Rivers makes a comment about the President being gay and the First Lady being trans and people are getting upset? Does this mean there’s something wrong with gay people and trans people? Is it a negative reflection on the Obamas to be compared to anyone in the LGBT community? I find it highly insulting as a gay man to think anyone would find these comments as negative. We already know that Joan Rivers has always been a huge supporter of the LGBTI community. I don’t understand what motivated Rivers to make the comments. But comments like this should not be associated with shame or disrespect. There’s nothing shameful or disrespectful about being gay or transgender, not even for the President and First Lady…unless, of course, you belong to the Westboro Baptist Church.  

There’s more here. This article calls it a trans slur. Yes. Liberal Huff Po calls it a trans slur. And the only slur I find is that the article calls it a slur.

I think this is the kind of double standard from liberal media that bothers me the most. We’ll support you, LGBTI people, but just don’t call our President gay or trans. At least we know where we stand with the conservative media.

More Gays Than Lesbians

This is another one of those articles I always seem to think might be flawed. It’s focused on how the average person in Britain knows more gay men than lesbians.

 Statistics show the average British person knows 5.5 gay men and 3.1 lesbian women. The poll only focused on these two aspects of the LGBTI community.

It gives more detail here. This part is even more interesting. The average LGBTI person knows 21.6 gay men and 10.3 lesbian women. Location plays a huge part, too.

I take none of these studies seriously because I would bet half of all gays, men and women, still aren’t out of the closet.

Down the Basement
by Ryan Field

Amazon Review:

Ryan Field is top of the class when it comes to cross dressing and female attire erotica and this is one of his hottest. The sense of danger as Rush takes care of the drunken jocks who could suddenly discover his secret and beat him up is palpable as is the erotic tension. The situation is plausible and the ‘surprise’ ending is a nice touch.

Gay Author: Curt H. von Dornheim…LGBT Fiction and Non-fiction

When I first read Curt H. von Dornheim’s work, I found two of my favorite things combined in one author. He’s a gay author who writes both fiction and non-fiction, and the non-fiction is focused on more spiritual topics that resonate with people who are LGBT and might be searching for something more than they can find in the mainstream.

I can’t find an author bio on Amazon, but I do know he’s a retired minister and once worked as a professional organist in some of the most prominent places in both the US and Europe. He also lived in Key West, where he had his own spiritual center and worked with people who had AIDS during the 1990’s. I’m not sure about his exact age, but he’s from an older generation of gay men who have more than their share to say, but haven’t been allowed to say it thanks to more than a few gatekeepers.

I’ve read several of his non-fiction books on the topic of “Creative Consciousness,” and loved them. I discovered Curt during an emotional time in my life about six years ago and his books helped get me through it all. He’s also a psychic spiritualist who keeps all his gifts very silent (he never charges a dime or exploits them). I met him and he did a reading for me I’ll never forget, so this isn’t hearsay. I guess if I had to compare it to anything…which is hard to do…he’s kind of like the Norman Vincent Peale of the gay community with traces of Slyvia Browne and John Edwards.

He doesn’t do social media and you won’t find him yanking your chain, so to speak, on facebook about his latest activities. That’s because when he’s not writing he’s usually helping someone else in need. He’s actually one of the most non-Internet authors I’ve ever met and he writes all his manuscripts out in long hand. 

I’ve also read his fiction and loved it just as much. The stories aren’t sexy, but there’s always a message with a deeper meaning. My favorite books are “The Little Baron’s Christmas Angel,” and “The Wings of Fate.” If you like LGBT books with literary quality that don’t sensationalize on overdone topics with over-the-top book dramatic book covers, these are for you.

Here’s a blurb for “Wings of Fate,” and you can find the rest of his books here on Amazon. He’s an indie author and has been since the 1980’s, so I don’t know if he’s distributed anywhere else.

This short story of ~13,000 words conveys an honest, terrific love story. This story is based on a true life experience of a forbidden love between two men during war time Germany. It is a love story that will fill you with emotions and prove love is greater than an evil like war and bigotry.

About two years ago I had the exceedingly wonderful privilege to meet Hanna Taube one Saturday afternoon as I was antique hunting in her extraordinary shop of fine lamps and imported antiques in Lambertville, NJ. She immediately caught my attention; a scent of 4711 perfume faintly surrounded her, an air of refreshment. She stood roughly 5’ 6”— and elegant, with an impressive style of fashion and a simple coiffure of slim, gold and silver threads perfectly held by a single pin in a chignon. There was a twinkle in her soft blue eyes that suggested genuine friendliness and knowledge. As she greeted me and bid me welcome I noticed a slight Germanic accent in her British form of English.

We chatted briefly and I made it my business to revisit her shop again, a few weeks later. This time we spoke in German and I was utterly charmed by this dignified lady. Well, in short, we became friends and I looked forward to my Saturday visits to her shop. It gave me not only the rare opportunity to speak German for a half hour, but also to slowly build a highly prized friendship with a lady my age who understood people. She took people at the value of their lives. Rich, poor, young, old, gay or straight played no role with her. Often we would have delightful laughs at life in general. Eventually we dropped the “Sie” and began to use the “du” form of German. This meant we were personal friends, like sister and brother.

She read some of the metaphysical books I had written and it seemed to bring us closer together. Then one unfortunate day she became hospitalized to have surgery performed on her neck, to help alleviate a numbing sensation in her right arm. I visited her in clerics at the hospital and we prayed together. And again visited at her home, also in Bucks County, PA. She mended quickly and I invited her to my Christmas Eve organ recital. It was then when she presented me with a gift, simply wrapped in a plastic bag. I immediately told her that I didn’t want to begin exchanging Christmas presents, but she interrupted my refusal by telling me it was not a Christmas present, but rather a wooden, hand carved plate that she had treasured for almost fifty years. AND, that if I didn’t choose to accept it she would understand. I unceremoniously accepted it from her and was quite impressed with the artistic measure of the wood carving.

Now, I’m not the sort of guy who has any religious wall hangings in my home, and there looking me sadly in the face was an eleven inch oak carving with the head of the crucified Christ. She told the story of who carved it, where it was carved, when it was carved and why it was carved. She also said that the more she got to know me, the more I reminded her of Rudy Hoffen.

This is a terrific love story; however, the names have all been changed to protect the guilty! Guilty? Shouldn’t it be the innocent? NO! Since I don’t want any damn law suits I’ve changed the identity of the ignorant, fearful, weak and guilty!