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Westboro Baptist Church Against Kim Davis; Homophobic Ukrainian Tennis Pro; Gareth Thomas, Guinness Ad, and Coming Out As Gay

Westboro Baptist Church Against Kim Davis

Kim Davis, now famous for refusing to support LGBT civil rights and for refusing to follow the law, is now being slammed by the Westboro Baptist Church. I don’t think that means the Westboro folks are supporting anything LGBT, however, it’s amusing when they turn on each other in the name of religion and all that is holy. 

Divorce and remarriage are no-nos in Westboro’s eyes, and it has armed itself with the bible passage that proves it, reports Deep South Daily. Since Davis’s four walks down the aisle are the result of her three divorces, she has become one of the church’s prime targets. The church is even calling for her resignation. Clutch the pearls!

You can read the rest here. 

Homophobic Ukrainian Tennis Pro

LGBT news seems to be slacking off lately so I’m left with stories like this. Maybe that’s because Kim Davis is taking up so many headlines.

In any event, Ukrainian tennis pro, Sergiy Stakhovsky, made a homophobic comments and now he’s claiming he’s not homophobic because…get this…his hairdresser is gay.

The 60th ranked player on the men’s pro tennis tour caused controversy when he said he would not allow his daughter to play the sport as there are ‘a lot’ of lesbian players.

He also said there are no closeted gay players among the top 100 as you be able to notice a gay guy in a locker room.

In an attempt to defend his comments, Stakhovsky said: ‘Yes, there are many lesbian players. But I do not have anything against it.

‘My best friend is gay. My hairdresser is as well. I do not think the tennis community will treat anyone badly if they come out as gay.’

No closeted gay players? His gay hairdresser? I think someone should tell him. 

There’s more here. 

Gareth Thomas, Guinness Ad, and Coming Out As Gay 

Here’s something good old Sergiy Stakhovsky should pay attention to, since he doesn’t think there are any closeted gay tennis players in the top 100.

In a new ad for Guinness, retired Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas gets deeply personal as he recalls what it was like to become the first in his sport to come out publicly back in 2009.

‘Every impact, every rib cracked, every bone broken – that was nothing compared to the demons that were tearing me apart,’ he says in the spot. 

‘In my darkest hour, I turned to my teammates, telling them I was gay – that was the toughest thing I’d ever done.’

I hear people say all the time they can’t wait until we don’t have labels anymore without really thinking about what that means, or how insulting it is, to gay people who are out…or have come out. Well, I can’t wait until telling everyone you’re gay isn’t the toughest thing you’ll ever have to do.

You can check the rest out here.  

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