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Gay Family Circle; Michael Sam Cut From Cowboys; Downton Abbey Gay Cure; Ariana Grande On Catholicism and Gay Brother Frankie

Gay Family Circle

I received one of those magazine gifts last year for Family Circle Magazine and my first thought was OMG, now I have this to throw away, too. Although I still get several print magazines, the only one I order myself is Architectural Digest and I wind up throwing the rest away. I get my news…and everything…online. I also never see anything LGBT related in mainstream publications and the content doesn’t interest me. Plus, the last thing I need in my life is more clutter from print magazines.

However, as I was glancing through the most recent issue of FC, I noticed a feature story with two gay men…married with two children. The piece is in a new section of FC, titled “Modern Life,” with a caption on the first page that reads, “Our biggest challenge? Finding time to sit down to dinner together!” There’s a photo of two perfect gay dads, with their two perfect kids, that could have been a photo of Ozzie and Harriet 60 years ago.

I can’t find an online link to the magazine, but I did find this piece about the new “Modern Life” section in FC.

A new “Modern Life” feature, which highlights nontraditional families, marks perhaps the biggest leap forward for the magazine’s content. “I didn’t think we were doing the best job of addressing all the different types of families,” admitted Fears. “We thought shows like Modern Family were actually doing a better job.”

Ironically, last night I was catching up with the TV show, Modern Family, on demand. I’m still not a huge fan of the show in a general sense, but I can’t say that I don’t find it interesting to see how they continue to mainstream gay people into society. I don’t talk much about assimilation here on the blog, and that’s mainly because I don’t think it’s possible to avoid this kind of assimilation anymore. With the equality we’ve been fighting for all this time there comes a price, and with that price comes changes in gay culture as we’ve always known it. In other words, you’re not going to see or hear anything about drag shows, prison parties, Sunday afternoon tea dance, or anything even remotely related to gay culture on TV shows like MF or in magazines like FC.

And I think many gay people crave this heteronormative lifestyle. So why shouldn’t FC put up a stupid, ridiculous feature with two gay dads the same way the do with hetero people? They’ve been doing this for years with hetero people and making fools out of them. It’s only fair we get our turn now.

You can read more here about Family Circle, if you find that sort of thing interesting. 

 Michael Sam Cut From Cowboys

This one bothers me. The Dallas Cowboys cut openly gay pro football player, Michael Sam from the practice team, after being there since 9/3 and never making the 53- man roster. Previously, he was cut from the SL Rams.

 ‘Sam, the first openly-gay player in the NFL, was a seventh-round draft pick of the Rams,’ the statement continued. ‘He spent all of the offseason and training camp with the St. Louis before being released and signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad.’ 

The team noted the spot will be filled by linebacker Troy Davis, a second-year professional. 

Sam used Twitter to thank the team. ‘I want to thank the Jones family and the entire Cowboys organization for this opportunity, as well as my friends, family, teammates, and fans for their support,’ he wrote

You can read more here. Sam goes on to make a gracious comment, without a hint of bitterness. He plans to continue his career as a pro player.

There’s not much more about this story yet, and it seems as though no one wants to even touch the subject. I wonder why. Maybe they should all start reading Family Circle’s “Modern Life” section of at the NFL.

Downton Abbey Gay Cure

One of the things I enjoy most about historical shows like Downton Abbey is the way we can reflect on the idiocy that was supposed to be correct back in those days. I was watching The Knick last night and the cure for a drug addiction was giving the addict heroin. I’m not joking about that. And in the upcoming season of DA the gay character, Thomas Barrow, is supposedly going to get injections that will cure him from being attracted to men. The word gay wasn’t used until the 1970’s and I hate using it in reference to same sex situations prior to that.

Julian Fellowes said in an interview with ITV, ‘He falls for the quackery that this can be cured, that he can get rid of this dumbbell he is dragging around with him. His fortitude takes him through a period of incredible physical discomfort.’ 

‘The result he seeks is impossible – it’s not to be obtained by any medical treatment, it was just quackery.’

Unfortunately, there are still quacks out there who believe gays can be cured.

You can check out the rest here.  

 Ariana Grande On Catholicism and Gay Brother Frankie

Pop singer, Ariana Grande, disclosed that she renounced her Catholic roots in support of her openly gay brother, Frankie Grande. For those who don’t know, Frankie is a talented performer who was recently on Big Brother this past summer. I can’t recall the name of the play, but he just landed a new gig on Broadway.

 ‘When my brother was told that God didn’t love him I was like, “OK, that’s not cool,”‘ she said in an interview with Sunday Telegraph magazine. 

‘They were building a Kabbalah center in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it.’ 

She said since renouncing Catholicism for Kabbalah, her life has changed for the better.

Although no one in our families has done anything similar, Tony and I are non-practicing Catholics for the same reasons Ariana left the church. If we ever decided to adopt a child I would want him/her to grow up with some kind of religion, but it wouldn’t be Catholicism. I know most practicing Catholics do support gays, and I even know a few priests who do, too. But the big picture is more important in a case like this.

One thing is certain, you never have to wonder why the Catholic church seems to be losing people as each year passes.

You can read the rest here.

 Ring My Bells by Ryan Field
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‘Sam, the first openly-gay player in the NFL, was a seventh-round draft pick of the Rams,’ the statement continued. ‘He spent all of the offseason and training camp with the St. Louis before being released and signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad.’
The team noted the spot will be filled by linebacker Troy Davis, a second-year professional.
– See more at:

Penny Dreadful Gay Kiss; T J. Klune’s Post; John Barrowman Flirts W/Straight Guy; No More Gay Ghettos?

Penny Dreadful Gay Kiss

An actor on the TV show, Penny Dreadful, talked about yet another gay kiss. The actor is Reeve Carney and from what I gather he’s straight in real life.

I don’t watch Penny Dreadful. But this sounds like the queerbaiting post I wrote yesterday. In fact, Carney basically admits it’s queerbaiting and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing this. That’s always the best part about these things. They don’t know they’re doing it. I recently read a blog post by an author who actually said she started writing m/m romance because she thought there was money to be made. She also claims that gay relationships are like all other relationships. She didn’t start writing in this genre because she was passionate about m/m romance. And she didn’t even realize what she was saying, so in that respect you can’t even fault her. 

‘I knew that something like that would likely happen at some point and I figure, you know, you could certainly do a lot worse than Josh Hartnett,” Carney told at Comic-Con over the weekend.

Carney says his character will have a new love interest in the upcoming second season but he isn’t sure if it will be a man or a woman.

‘It’s probably all downhill for me in terms of any man-on-man action I might have on the show,’ he says. ‘They’ll have to keep their game high!’

Interesting. Man on man action. No further comment from me on this one, because I don’t watch the show. Although, I do wonder what he means by do a lot worse. Am I reading too much into this? Once again, try doing that with any other minority and see how it sounds.

You can read more here.

T. J. Klune’s Post

It’s hard to elaborate on this next link because it’s so serious and so emotional I’m not even sure what to say. I’ve posted about author, T. J. Klune, and the health struggles with his fiancé, Eric Arvin, on the blog before. Klune’s most recent post left me speechless.

I am not okay.  I am not okay.  I am not okay.  I don’t think I have been for a while. I don’t sleep much anymore. I don’t eat. I look like shit. I’ve had purple lines under my eyes since that first night Eric went into the hospital and I didn’t sleep.  I don’t have energy for much of anything anymore. I’m listless and apathetic.  I snap at people at the drop of a hat. I go to work. I come home from work. I pretend to unpack. I go to bed at eight. I fall asleep around one or two. I get up. I go to work. I come home from work and on and on it goes. That pressure building. The pieces cracking.

You can read the rest of the post here, at Klune’s blog. I left a comment that I hope helps. But I also know deep down there’s nothing anyone can really say or do to make it better. Only time can do that.

John Barrowman Flirts W/Straight Guy

Last week John Barrowman made headlines when he kissed a guy in public at the games in Glasgow. I saw it popping up everywhere on social media but I didn’t post about it because it seemed a bit planned…as if he’d executed this move to gain publicity. I also wasn’t sure about that, so I just passed completely on the story. But this time I had to post something because it’s so unusual. You don’t hear about gay guys flirting with straight guys all the time.

In place to chat with the site TV Fanatic, Barrowman was initially more interested in flirting with a straight cameraman filming the interview than answering questions about the upcoming season.

‘He’s really cute,’ Barrowman says into the camera. ‘If you haven’t seen him, he’s really, really cute. He’s got nice, curly hair. … He’s dressed in nice shorts and he’s got a … T-shirt on – he looks like he’s got good guns.’

Barrowman then asks the cameraman, whose name is Eric, to show him the size of his open hand and then seemed pleased with what he saw.

You can read more here. The comments seem to be varied about this one.

It sounds as if Barrowman was joking around. But even if he wasn’t I still think it’s interesting because so-called straight guys have been flirting with gay guys forever and no one ever seems to find anything wrong with that…mainly because most people don’t even know the straight guys are doing it.

No More Gay Ghettos?

This article talks about gay neighborhoods turning straight…or at least not being completely gay anymore. I don’t know why they think this is something new. It’s happened in New York City neighborhoods more times than I can count. At one time the West Village in NY was completely about gay culture. Then it transitioned into what has now become a billion dollar neighborhood filled with everyone. It’s even been happening here, in New Hope, PA, where I live. At one time New Hope was so filled with gay culture there were dark cruising spots under the bridges in town along the towpath. Now you wouldn’t think to cruise there because the town has become so heteronormative it just wouldn’t work anymore. Plus, you’d probably get arrested now, too.

In any event, they seem to think this is a good thing.

“For gay people, they no longer feel like they need a safe space because they feel safe anywhere,” Ghaziani says. “At the same time, as the stigma against homosexuality eases, more straight people feel comfortable moving into these areas, more so than they have in the past when they have perceived these populations as more stigmatized than they do now.”

You can read more here.

I think it’s inevitable. In fact, I have two very close friends…a gay couple who’ve been together for forty years…who flatly refuse to live in a gay ghetto.

Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral
by Ryan Field