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The Reality of Being Gay…

I write positive, formula love stories about gay men who live happily-ever-after. But not all of the books are fluff and sex. I often lead up to the happily-ever-after ending by going into detail about how some young gay men don’t have many options or choices. I often get criticized for this, too, from those who think they know more about being gay than I do.

Yes. That’s right. But it’s not hard to believe when the only information most people get about the lgbt community comes from TV sitcoms and movies like Sex in the City.

I stumbled across this article below:

Gay and homeless: In plain sight, a largely hidden population
Every year, hundreds of gay youths end up on the streets of L.A. County, where they make up a disproportionate share of the people under 25 who are homeless. ‘They haven’t been on the streets for years and years,’ an advocate says, ‘so they don’t look bad.’

AJ, left, 23, and his boyfriend, Alex, 21, live on the streets. “If… (Christina House / For The Times)December 12, 2010|By Alexandra Zavis, Los Angeles Times
The city hipsters sipping expensive coffee and chatting on cellphones did not give a second look at the two young men cutting across a Hollywood courtyard on their way to bed down in a nearby park.

AJ, 23, and his boyfriend, Alex, 21, hide their blankets and duffel bags in bushes. They shower every morning at a drop-in center and pick out outfits from a closet full of used yet youthful attire.