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India’s Gay Sex Law; GQ Straight Guys Kissing; Adoption Ban Lifted in Ireland

India’s Gay Sex Law

In 2009 a lower court in India tried to decriminalize gay sex (they call it homosexual conduct). It was struck down and LGBT people in India are still subjected to up to ten years in prison if convicted. Supposedly, the claim is lower courts can’t rule on laws like this…in spite of the fact that the lower court had to be sending a clear, strong message to the Supreme Court. This law dates back to colonial times from what I gather.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community across India reacted to the surprise decision with defiance.

“We cannot be forced back into the closet. We are not backing off from our fight against discrimination,” said Gautam Bhan, an activist who had petitioned the court.

After the ruling, dozens of activists outside the court began crying and hugging each other in consolation.

You can read more here. I guess we won’t be seeing any talk of gay marriage THERE for a while. But at least it sounds as if there are people protesting and fighting. And even though it’s going to take a long time, the fact they are fighting back says something important to me about India’s culture in a general sense. They clearly aren’t going to take this well.

Straight Guys Kissing

In a strong protest against what’s been going on in Russia with gays, a group of *straight male* celebs took to the pages of Germany GQ and kissed each other…without holding back.

13 celebrities puckered up for the pics. While relatively unknown outside of the country, they included actor August Diehl, the band Revolverheld and singer Herbert Grönemeyet.

Six incredible photos were produced, aiming to be published all over Germany on buses, posters and billboards.

You  can read more here. The comment thread is interesting, especially one comment about Germany and gay adoption. I didn’t know about that.

Adoption Ban Lifted in Ireland

In a more uplifting article than the one about India, the ban against gay adoption in Ireland was lifted. This includes unmarried couples, too. They can adopt the same way straight married couples do.

‘The final decision regarding the granting of an adoption order will lie with the court.’

Health Minister Edwin Poots had tried to challenge the Court of Appeal’s decision in June that legislation banning gay couples from adoption was unlawful.

Read more here.