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The Pool Boy and the Priest; Online Porn and Dwindling Sex Drives; Supermarket All Gay Kiss-In Protest

The Pool Boy and the Priest

No. That’s not the title of an erotic gay romance. It’s about a California priest who was allegedly sending sexts to a pool boy.

Monsignor Lawrence McGovern is, er, was the pastor of Presentation Parish. In a sexual harassment complaint filed late last week, the parish’s former pool boy, a married father of two, claims McGovern sent him naughty photos along with a text that read, “Oops. Sorry about that. The curse of the Internet. Shame on me. What is my penance?”

You can read more here.

Don’t tell the Pope.

Online Porn and Dwindling Sex Drives

This  article suggests that men…especially younger men…are ruining their sex drives by being exposed to so much porn regularly.

 If this scenario sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone. A leading psychosexual therapist claims adult entertainment’s abundance and availability is slowly poisoning men’s sex drives, causing a host of heath problems, both physical and psychological.

Here’s the rest. It’s interesting. 

Supermarket All Gay Kiss-In Protest

I understand the point behind protests like this, and I do support them in theory. I just wish they would come up with a better idea sometimes…like hand holding, or hugging. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m being too conservative for my own good, but I think something as personal as kissing…gay or straight…someone you care about shouldn’t be put on public display. But I get the point. I really do.

Whether battling homophobia, book bans, or frump-a-dump Kim Davis, kissing has proven to be a surprisingly effective form of protest.

Case in point: Saturday’s well-attended “kiss-in” at Sainsburys, a supermarket in London that made headlines last week after one of its security officers told a gay couple that holding hands inside the store was inappropriate.

The rest is here, with visuals.  

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