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A Penis Grows Longer With Practice; Game of Thrones’ Penises; Woman, Gay Club, and Sexism

A Penis Grows Longer With Practice

I’m not sure what to make out of this one, but it’s interesting anyway.

In a study published by journal Evolution and conducted by scientists at the University of Exeter, it was found that the male burying beetle will lengthen the size of its penis through above-average mating over the course of a few generations. The female burying beetle, on the other hand, grows claws in its reproductive organs. 

You can check that out here. They do mention there’s no proof this works with humans.

Game of Thrones’ Penises

Here’s an article that talks about Game of Thrones and penises, which is really a novelty in anything mainstream when you think about it.

If you wanted more penises on Game of Thrones, Sunday night’s episode gave you a penis alright, with a jarring close-up of a Braavosi actor examining his afflicted genitals — warts and all. Across the internet, the move was celebrated as an end to the show’s usual dick-shy ways: “Game of Thrones finally showed a penis,” wrote The Telegraph. The series “finally showed its first penis,” wrote Marie Claire. “It’s about damn time,” said Stephen Colbert.

The entire piece is here, in full

Woman, Gay Club, and Sexism

A young woman named Hannah Riley was denied entry to two gay bars, and now she’s claiming it was sexism. But you really do have to read all of this one to get the point.

Here’s one part of the story:

“We were about halfway to the front,” Riley, a lesbian, tells Buzzfeed in an interview, “and one of the security staff–a woman–said to me, ‘Er, ladies, have you got membership cards?’ And we said, ‘No.’ And she replied, ‘Well, you girls can’t come in then.’

Here’s another part of the story:

So Riley and her friends went to another gay club called Heaven. When they got there, she says they faced a similar dilemma. As they approached the female security guard, Riley recalls, “she asked if we had membership cards and we said, ‘No we don’t,’ and she said, ‘Right, you can’t come in.’”

And this…

She continues: “I think the LGBT scene is just for gay men. It’s sad that women are put off going to gay bars. Why put yourself through queuing up if there’s a strong chance you’re not going to get in?”

 You can read the rest here. The comments are a brutal. But I have to say that I live in a town…New Hope, PA…where there have always been gay clubs and gay culture and I have never once seen a woman discriminated against. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of women frequent the gay bars here…both gay and straight women. It’s just normal. I’ve never seen sexism here. That’s my personal, first hand experience. 



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