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Anal Cavity Searches; 2 New Gay Shows on TV

Anal Cavity Searches

When I read this one I blinked a few times. Evidently, in some places you can be stopped for a moving vehicle violation and they can order a search of your anal cavity.

The Fourth Amendment protects all citizens from unreasonable search and seizure by the government. It requires that the greater the intrusion upon the person, the greater must be the reason for conducting a search. Is there ever a good reason for this kind of search?
You can read more here. It’s a fascinating piece by CNN contributor, Danny Cevallos, whom I’ve posted about here once before.
2 New Gay Shows on TV
There will be two new gay shows on TV soon, one on HBO, the other on FX. The HBO show will be titled, Looking, and the FX show will be Chozen. Both are different in distinct ways.
HBO’s sounds more like Queer as Folk:
Some of our sex scenes are very emotional and very beautiful. Some of our sex scenes are awkward. We’re trying to get as close to reality as we possibly can.’

‘Hopefully, when people watch it, you’ll think, “Oh, I’ve had that exact experience. I know what it feels like to be intimate with someone in that way.”

FX’s sounds more like a comedy. And the person who wrote the article to which I’m linking doesn’t sound thrilled:
Since I am a middle aged straight woman, not easily amused by rauch, I hesitate to offer an opinion on the merits of Chozen. I have the feeling I am not the intended audience, so I will let you watch the trailer and make your own evaluation.
You can read more here. As a gay man I think it looks like fun, not raunch. And I’ve never been a big fan of *anything* animated. But then again, anything with gay content is worth watching since there isn’t much of it in the first place. And I’ve found that what middle aged straight women consider raunch is often cultural to gay men.
Why do I make that point? Because she started it first and I’m tired of THEM getting the last word.