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The Best 8 Penises In Film; Funny Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes; Gay Parties In the 1950’s

The Best 8 Penises In Film

Here’s more about male full frontal nudity in movies. With all the political things going on lately, I thought a nice big diversion would be refreshing, so to speak.

This is from college humor…humor being the key word here.

Putting a penis in a film is a surefire way to make anyone laugh. These are our favorite shafts!

Here’s the link, and I think it’s SFW because they are all mainstream movies. 

Funny Male Full Frontal Nude Scenes

Here’s something that deals with male full frontal nudity in movies and it’s meant to be funny. This was the intention, so my grand book community friends who were born without a sense of humor might want to pass on this one.

 In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in the middle of a golden age of full-frontal penis scenes in American cinema. Over the last decade or two — and especially in the last five years — major actors have shown off their bits and pieces for the world to see and screengrab. Sometimes, it’s for the art. But sometimes, it’s to make us laugh.

You can check this out at Buzz Feed, here

Gay Parties In the 1950’s

Here’s an article that’s actually an anti-gay documentary from the 1950’s with some fundamentally wrong scenes that portray gay people in the most stereotypical way, and it misrepresents most gay men and women I know.  

Here’s one comment, and some really bad psychology about lesbians…

What are the deep-rooted emotions that remove them completely from the company of men, yet at the same time cause them to emulate the masculine appearance, to such pathetic results? Even though these emotions are covered up by a blasé attitude, one is still aware of their underlying sadness.”

Here’s something about gay men…

“But while literature and tradition condone the weakness of woman, man receives only the heavy weight of ridicule.”

You can watch it here. Wait until you see what they say about gay men in the movie, and watch those guys dancing around. It’s frightening to think that’s how gay men were all perceived back then, and it’s even more frightening that some still see us that way. It’s like they’re associating us with the most exaggerated stereotypes of women, and the fact is that most gay men are nothing like women at all. It’s a little sad to watch when you remember the implications form such generalized opinions.  

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