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Perez Hilton Stars In a Musical; Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Found; The Attraction to Twinks

Perez Hilton Stars In a Musical

I follow Hilton on Twitter and I’ve seen how he’s been trying to change his public image, which isn’t an easy thing to do. So I don’t have much to say about this. Besides, I’m not the best authority on musical comedy because it isn’t my first love of entertainment. I think I would rather eat kale and beets for a whole month than stand at a piano bar and sing show tunes. Like Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand, it’s just not my thing.

In any event, Perez Hilton will be starring in a musical version of the old time TV show, Full House. I think it’s a parody but don’t quote me on that.

In the three years since his Off-Broadway debut in “NEWSical,” the celebrity blogger has become a father to 2-year-old Mario Armando Lavandeira III and Mia Alma Hilton, born in May 2015. So Hilton, 37, has plenty of real-life experience to draw from as he steps into the role of Danny Tanner in “Full House! The Musical,” a spoof on the iconic 1990s sitcom that starred Bob Saget and John Stamos. Written and directed by Bob and Tobly McSmith, the show performances in Toronto on Aug. 18 and Sept. 10 in New York.

Hilton, who is studying with two vocal coaches in order to tackle the musical, has learned a thing or two about the parental highs and lows that the series depicted firsthand. Admitting to “overthinking everything” and holding himself “to a really high standard,” Hilton says the struggle to balance his career pursuits with duties as a single father is real.

As I said, Hilton has been tweeting great photos of his kids (who are adorable) and I’m hoping this works out for him. From a blogger’s POV I think he’s broken ground for gay bloggers like few others have done, in a world of straight, white privilege, and whether you like him or not, there’s that.

You can read more here.

Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Found 

This is confusing because of the time frame. Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter, Chelsea, was missing since last Tuesday, the police started looking for her on Sunday, and she was found, literally, a few hours ago today…a week later. 

Rosie O’Donnell’s 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea, has been found hours after the comedian made a plea to the public for help in locating her.

Police had been searching for Chelsea O’Donnell since Sunday and she had last been seen Aug. 11, according to a statement posted Tuesday on the comedian’s Web site.

The article states O’Donnell’s daughter has a mental illness and is on medication, but doesn’t go into detail, which is fine for the sake of her privacy. But what I find unusual is that the police didn’t start searching for the kid until Sunday. Is that some kind of police protocol? I can’t even imagine how hysterical O’Donnell must have been during that time.  

You can read the rest here.  People have already begun sending well wishes on Twitter with the hashtag, #missingchildren.

The Attraction to Twinks

For those who don’t know, twinks are young men between late teen years and about 25 years old. At least that’s how it’s defined in most places. You can check. It varies a little, but that’s the general idea. And if you are under the impression that a twink can be over thirty, good for you. I’m not going to crush your dream. Enjoy it. I hear that if you’re in your 40s and you go to Palms Springs you can still be a twink in some places.

I honestly don’t think enough about it because I’ve never been all that attracted to twinks, not even when I was a twink. I’ve always been more attracted to men between the ages of 35 and 55 and that’s not going to change any time soon.

But I digress, this is about “older” men being attracted to twinks. Like men in their 30s, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Society doesn’t so much as bat an eye when a man — say in his 30s — shows interest in a woman in her early to mid 20s. It’s almost expected that he’ll find a younger woman sexy.

But is there a double standard in the gay community?

The Right has consistently tried to label gay men as deviants, predators, or even pedophiles. Is it possible that some have become overly sensitive in an effort to dispel those horrible accusations?

Here we go. They’re blaming it on the “right.” Well, in case they haven’t noticed gay men can be more critical of other gay men about these things than anyone else. I know THAT from personal experience, from back when I was twenty and I dated a fifty year old. But I don’t want to digress again. 

You can read more here. To be honest, I think it’s a lot of bullshit…at least the way they handle the subject this time. People judge straight men for going with younger women, too, all the time. They whisper, gossip, and even joke around about it. And there’s never been a bigger double standard than when an older woman goes with a much younger man. If anything, this is one of those times when women really do get to claim a double standard as their own, without question.

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