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Male Full Frontal Nude: Bobby Cannavale; Jamie Dornan Full Frontal Nudity Fifty Shades of Grey

Male Full Frontal: Bobby Cannavale

I’ve had a few interesting e-mails since I posted about Bobby Cannavale’s full frontal nude scene in Boardwalk Empire. He’s been the topic of a lot of posts and articles since that scene. So here are a few more links that show photos and a video in more detail.

Here’s a video of the scene in BE.

This one has  multiple photos.

Here’s link to the stills at the OMG blog. 

And here’s one with better lighting.

I think it’s interesting because the full frontal nude scene Cannavale did was important to the action and storyline in that particular episode. It showed another side of the character. But more important, even though it is still difficult to see anything that one simple full frontal scene has garnered so much attention.

Jamie Dornan Full Frontal Nudity Fifty Shades of Grey

I’ve posted a lot about the male lead in the Fifty Shades film adaptation, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it has been rumored Jamie Dornan who snagged the role will do full Frontal nudity in the film.

Dornan said this:

The actor told Entertainment Weekly he’s not really sweating being naked or simulating kink: “I’m a fairly worldly guy. I grew up in a very liberal place. I’m not saying we had a playroom, but I’m not shocked by [the sex in the book.] It’s essential to tell the story.”

I think it will be interesting to see whether or not they actually do this…the full frontal. There is a TV show called “Hung” and not one hint of full frontal. Don’t they realize that was the main reason most tuned in the first few times to watch Hung. And frankly, no one is going to see the Fifty Shades movie because of the complicated dialogue. They want sex and love and passion with as much full frontal as they can get.

In any event, you can read more here.