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Do Authors Need Outlines?

I spotted an interesting post about writing outlines, written by a young blogger I’ve been following who I think is very talented.

I commented about being on the fence with regard to outlines. I’ve written outlines with some projects and I haven’t with others. For me it all depends on how fast the story is coming, and whether or not I have it outlined in my head…if that makes sense.

And for me it’s only with novels. I never use an outline for a short story. Something (or someone) inspires me and I get the idea and run with it, so to speak.

You can get there from here to read the post in full.

Upcoming Blog Events at Frost Lord

Anyone who follows me knows I’m not in one place all the time. I’m just as likely to post about a publishing related piece like agents publishing their clients work as I am to post about the horrific rat situation in New York.

I love to follow “Frost Lords,” for a variety of reasons I’ve talked about before. And I just saw a link to a few interesting blog events that revolve around authors who blog.

Rather than link directly to each event, here’s the link to “Frost Lords.”