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Ryan Field Books In France; Huge Frog Dick; A Huge Penis Pothole; John Barrowman’s Husband’s Huge Penis

Ryan Field Books In France

The other day I came across something on social media that made me wonder. An author I don’t know was talking about “France” buying her books. I think she meant that her books are being sold in France, and that’s what confused me. And that’s when I realized that I’ve been taking this all for granted by assuming that people knew that most books on Amazon are pretty much sold all over the world. At least my books are, and I don’t think I ever mentioned that here on the blog. And that’s because I simply assumed that everyone knew. I humbly apologize for not mentioning this sooner.

So for anyone who didn’t know, my books are in France, the UK, Japan, and other countries. I’m not going to link to them all because readers in those countries know where they can find them. I get e-mails from them all the time. I also know where my books aren’t being sold and I’ve sent readers in those countries complimentary PDF copies at various times over the years. I get e-mails from them, too.

But more than that, I know that the books I’ve done with German publishers are sold all over the world as well. That’s what good publishers do. 

Here’s the Amazon link to one book in France…Pretty Man  

Everything is pretty much the same as it is here in the US and in the UK. 

Publishers will try to get their books distributed as far and wide as they can, even my own little Ryan Field Press distributes almost everywhere we can in the world. We want people all over the world to have access to them. That’s the main goal.

Huge Frog Dick

When someone showed me this link even I got a little stunned. And that doesn’t happen often. It’s about a frog that looks as if it has a huge penis. But there’s one huge problem…

See, frogs don’t have dicks. 

Gerry Marantelli from the Australian Amphibian Research Centre told BuzzFeed News it was most likely an “extra partially formed leg”. 

It’s impossible to know what the growth truly is without seeing the potential frog dong first-hand, but Marantelli believes the extra leg theory to be the most likely.

You can check this out on Buzzfeed here. There are photos, and this one is all about the photos.

A Huge Penis Pothole

I really hate potholes, especially this time of year…and when they don’t fix them in a timely manner. They are everywhere, and they can be costly if you don’t see them. Very costly.

So someone in the UK got tired of potholes and they drew a huge penis around one…

The phallic symbol and wording will leave Gloucestershire County Council in no doubt about how many feel about the state of our potholed roads.

It appeared on Saturday morning, around potholes already marked up to be filled in, in Brickrow.

You can check this out here, with photos.

John Barrowman’s Husband’s Huge Penis

I follow John Barrowman on Facebook and I come across the homemade videos he posts almost daily. I like them. I’ve even shared them. He’s funny and I think he’s very clever. But somehow I missed this one.

The Torchwood star was relaxing in Palm Springs and speaking to fans from a hot tub.

Around 4,000 people were watching the actor chat about the weather when his hubby Scott Gill came into view.

Not realising John was actually live streaming a video Scott whipped off his towel and got into the pool – completely starkers.

You can read the rest of this here. You can check out the video in question, too. And this is yet another reason why I’m thinking of going to Palm Springs at least part of the year sometime in the future. A lot of gay people I know from New Hope have already moved out there full time. I’m just not sure I could take that much fun and sun all year long.


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