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Win A Free Kindle: Check Out the Clues Today For the TRS Treasure Hunt

The Romance Studio (TRS) has been running an event all week and it’s just winding down. So I’m posting the clues for today below, and here’s a link where you can read about the entire event.

04/08 Friday’s Clues

PJ Schnyder is an author of paranormal and sci-fi romance who believes home is where the heart is. One of her heroines, Carri, believes a man might only be a lone wolf because he was never given the option to be something else. Who is Carri’s wolf and what is his nickname for her?

Author Jay Di Meo’s home has her name. Her hero James is a reincarnation of Egyptian god Seth, represented by a Jackal. His beloved Silver is the Falcon – which Egyptian god is he?

Trinity Blacio has been writing professionally for the last eight years. She has titles with several different publishers. Throughout the Running In Fear series what is the one thing Jaycee craved and wanted that she finally got in book 3?

Ravenous Romance author Lisa Lane has two series, an erotic horror trilogy and erotic, romantic space opera. In her erotic horror books, how do her vampires take their coffee?