Category: # FridayReads FREE Book Giveaway “A Christmas Carl”; A Royal Bisexual In Netflix’s “The Crown”; Trading Chicken Alfredo For Sex With A Minor

# FridayReads FREE Book Giveaway "A Christmas Carl"; A Royal Bisexual In Netflix’s "The Crown"; Trading Chicken Alfredo For Sex With A Minor

FREE Book Giveaway “A Christmas Carl”

I just saw this last night by accident, so I’m sharing now.

Celebrate the holidays with a FREE copy of A Christmas Carl!

They’re doing this giveaway over at It’s a publisher promotion that I don’t control, so I don’t know the rules or regulations. 

But here’s the goodreads link and you can find out all you need to know there.

A Christmas Carl is a gay parody with a lot of erotic romance, and an age old trope. I won’t give out any spoilers for those who haven’t read it, but in one scene Hillary Clinton does become POTUS in the future…the distant future. And I wrote this book long before Hillary ran for President in 2016. So maybe I was prescient?  Maybe she still will be President? You never know. Things I’ve written before in fiction have come true…through no fault or knowledge of my own. 

And thank you to the people who always post and review my work over at I don’t get there often, but when I do go I’m always grateful to see my books. 

A Royal Bisexual In Netflix’s “The Crown”

We just finished the last episode of season 2 of The Crown and loved it. I learned a few things about history that I didn’t know, and I like the way they handled the dramatization. I don’t think they’ve been unfair to anyone in the royal family. In fact, I think Queen Elizabeth comes off looking fantastic, even more so than she usually does in real life. 

This bisexual thing really didn’t surprise me too much because I’ve read a lot of things about the royal family. But it seems to be shocking some people.

The Crown does not shy away from the numerous rumors that Armstrong-Jones had affairs with both men and women, and even goes so far as to suggest that the Queen knew about it as early as the 1960’s.

You can read more here. The Crown is probably one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. The only downside is now I’ll have to wait another year for season 3. 

Trading Chicken Alfredo For Sex With A Minor

This is about as creepy pervy as it can get. The only good thing about this whole article is there are undercover cops out there working online to catch these people. 

Youngstown State University student Albert Maruna was arrested this week trying to coax an underage boy into having sex with him – and he used a tupperware bowl of chicken alfredo leftovers and a couple of Sprites as bait.

Here’s the rest of the story. He promised to bring snacks and lube. What a prince. 

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